Friday, March 09, 2012


So... today while I was waiting in traffic I snapped a photo. I just upgraded my iPhone last week and I looooooove the camera in it. Much better. Quick and good quality. And flash too!! Back to this shot...

We had just had a brief but violent snow squall. Oh right, it's still winter. It's suppose to snow. Crap.

At any rate, this is the progression of my edits to the photo so far.

You can see my dashboard in the original photo, which makes me laugh. I have to work on the basics of framing a photo (and not cropping later) and also of actually holding my camera or phone so the horizon is level.

So I crop in photogene and sometimes rotate -- it is a quick and simple app I've had a while. They have a newer version but I'm not smart enough for Photogene2 - it does too much when all I want is some basic fixes.

Then I go into Dynamic Light, which provides HDR effect. I also add some filtering there; in this case the "Orton" which adds some blur and greenish/ blue tones, plus the vignette to darken the edges.

Then I cropped it again. I try sometimes to improve my haphazard compositon...

Lastly, I use Instagram to share photos sometimes, so I put a filter on top of everything else there. I think it might have been Hefe, but does it matter at this point?

It was fun. THAT is what matters in this case.