Thursday, May 31, 2007


Well this is strange, and the people all look groady. No, really.


I'm bothered by various things today. Some are work related and I can't/ won't share. I'm not really thrilled with a couple of people there, and how they conduct themselves. Let's leave it at that.


I'm also bothered by a local news story:

A young woman (in her 20's) is in critical condition after she was hit by a minivan going through an intersection on an Albany street. Police don't know who she is because she wasn't carrying any ID while she rode her bike. The accident happened just after 8 a.m. Wednesday. The woman is at Albany Medical Center where she underwent surgery; her injuries are considered to be life-threatening.

No id. Her family doesn't know where she is.

(Edit - her family has been located as of 6 pm Thursday....)

Carry SOMETHING, if you run, walk, bike, rollerblade, ride a pogo stick, whatever. Me, I wear Road ID. $20 for a wristband or tag to attach to your sneaker.

And for crying out loud, ALL bicyclists should wear a helmet. She didn't have that on either, as far as I've seen in the news. My college roommate's dad survived a horrible bike+car collision because he wore his stinking helmet. Smarten up, people!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


.... lady who jogged by me, going in the opposite direction, in the park today:

it was really nice of you to stop and tell me that you're very impressed by my running... and to even repeat it... "really impressed". The way you said it, made me think you live in that neighborhood and have seen me running up and down all of the hills, beet red and gasping and all that.

I really appreciate it, because to be honest, I was a little freaked out over the weekend when I ACTUALLY GOT IT (the brochure -- my runner's instructions for the race WITH MY BIB NUMBER AND EVERYTHING), and I freak a little whenever I think about it being This-Saturday- And I Really Have To Do This.

I really appreciate it because when I started it I wanted to have an "after" picture by now... I have the "before" picture, from last August at the beach. I just don't look all that different yet. At least, not to me. Most of my clothes still don't fit and I'll be damned if the scale doesn't still say exactly the same number it did when I went back to work after my surgery... my face came back to where it doesn't look all puffy anymore, but my face forgot to tell my ass to get its act together.

What is it they say, after a certain age, you have to choooose whether your ass looks good, or your face? (skinny ass, gaunt face... know what I mean?)

I really appreciate it because, tut tut, it looks like rain this weekend and what if it freakin thunders and I can't decide what to wear anyway and oh my god the running shorts I bought the other day are the most uncomfortable bloody things I have ever owned when I'm actually running, so THOSE are going in that part of the closet shrouded in darkness....

...but you motivated me to keep running today, and I need to do that. Even though I have visions of the police holding back the traffic on Madison ave so I can stumble through.... which I am trying hard to put out of my mind and all...

So thanks.


Saturday, May 26, 2007


Pirates of the Carribean: One hundred and sixty eight minutes. Plenty of time for my ass to fall asleep. It was a good movie, but I'm sure it COULD have been shortened or maybe (oh, the horror...) broken into two parts. I did enjoy it - especially the part that happens between when the sun sets and the sun rises.

Quizno's - chicken carbonara - yummy but it would be much better if the mushrooms were cooked.

I bought new sneakers - I bought Mizuno Wave Riders after extensive research. Well, my reasearch method was to try on a bunch of pairs (all different brands) and buy the ones that DIDN'T feel like I had red bricks duct taped to my feet. I never heard of Mizuno. Not the most expensive, by far - around $80, which is the most every spent on sneakers by Moi... but I put them on last night and went for a run (when it got a little cooler - we hit 90* here yesterday) and they felt great. No blisters, either. ONE WEEK!!!

Then it was on to the garden. I already have a few buds on my Coreopsis bush, and I was in the mood to buy some lavendar flowers yesterday. Again I was in the "I'll just check out what's here, and pick from that" mood, and in the end I bought a few flowers - these and these, which are prettier than the picture seems. I planted them last night, so the garden looks much better now.

The ice cream maker was not the hit I'd hoped. It was ok, but kind of a pain to assemble, load the ingredients (the mini chocolate chips TOTALLY stuck together in the heat - better to go with mini M & M's....) etc. It also took much longer to freeze up than the directions said (since it was 90*). The girls liked it, but it wasn't HUGE.


Friday, May 25, 2007

another relaxing weekend

I always look forward to long weekends because I will sleep in, lounge around all day, catch up on some hobby time, etc.


This weekend I have to take the kids to see Pirates (I swear they asked me for Spiderman but that's another story....), get my garden fixed up, go to two cookouts, make a birthday cake for one of the cookouts, sing at church, have a small gaggle of girls sleep over at my house*.... I'm tired already just thinking about it all.

*Finally getting to use the Cuisinart ice cream maker that mixes in goodies while it dispenses the ice cream.... which reminds me, I need to be RUNNING often this weekend.

* * *

Have a great weekend. Don't forget WHY we actually have this holiday. The other night at the parade, I caught the eye of a Gold Star mother, as she was riding by. My son was standing next to me as I paid my respects to her, for the son she gave up all of those years ago. Remember what it's all about people - that's all I ask.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I love a parade

Tonight was our town's Memorial day parade.

While we were waiting for the parade to start this lady was taking down her xmas lights.Then she sat on the windowsill holding a baby - yes, a baby - to watch part of the parade.

The next time I looked up the baby was gone but she had dropped something else, and it was waaaaaaay down near the edge of the roof - - so she was down there picking it up. Looked like it might have been a cordless phone.

Your eyewitness reporter....


Awesome - crime scene tape

...the above is a direct quote from 9 year old's reaction to his "detective kit" package this month (book club, kind of like the cd club where you get one every month until you make it stop...) It doesn't take much to make a kid happy.

This month was a book, some "Crime scene - do not enter" tape and a jar of fingerprinting powder. Obviously no one ran these contents by any advisory board of MOMs, who might point out that a loose jar of at least 2 oz. of green powder is not the thing to give the average (messy) nine year old boy.

I'm thinking of putting some tape across my office doorway before I leave work tomorrow. I won't be in Friday... they can just wonder.

That's all I've got for now.

Monday, May 21, 2007

C ya

I am in a mood to Chatter, and so on...

I made a playlist of everything in my iTunes library that starts with C (for Carly.... of course!) and then I deleted all of the Christmas songs. It's not bad. Can't stand losing you. Clocks. Cray little thing called love... others...

Countdowns... I am thinking about my race (12 days!!) , and my trip to NYC, which is not long after that. Neither of which I'm truly ready for but I still can't wait. It's nice to have something out of the usual routine

Clingy. I'm not wanting to let go of certain things and certain people. Like the school year. I don't want my kids to be a year older. I don't want to stop singing with my church choir for the summer. (I'm always afraid Stanley will decide to retire over the summer and I'll never sing some of those songs again.)

C ooking... gotta go (teriyaki steak...)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bowled over

The scene... our school's annual "mother-son bowling" party.

Me... talking about how I suck at bowling - mightily.

Then, in the first frame, I threw a strike. So then I had to listen to a lot of talk, until I got up there in frame 2 and threw a gutter ball to save my reputation.

I never made it over 100 in either game. There's always next year. Unfortunately! (Sorry Marco!)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Start spreading the news

I'm leaving... uh, in a couple of weeks.

I will be going to NYC next month. Some training I wanted locally was cancelled, and so I found the identical training in the ci-tay. It took some nagging, but I got my boss to agree to it.
I'm SO happy. I will be on the top of the ESB, waving. Hard to miss, I know.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


USA Track & Field (USATF) recently adopted a new rule banning the use of headphones and other music devices at all USATF-sanctioned running events. USATF, the governing body for long-distance running and track & field in the United States, adopted the rule (#144.3b) in an effort to increase runner safety.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Get well soon, Jenna! "Pam" from the Office broke several bones in her back falling down a flight of stairs. She is expected to fully recover, which is good news. Here are my first two thoughts on reading the article:

#1 Wow, she's a klutz like me (I could trip on a flat floor... I once did... and needed a plastic surgeon to fix my lip. He was a big game hunter and his waiting room was FREAKY. But that's a story for another time... or not.)

#2 This could really have wrapped up the annoying Jim - Karen - Pam triangle once and for all.

Honestly I'm over it. Get them together or don't -- but stick with the funny stuff. Not the longing sighs, the "who will finally make the move" soap opera stuff. It's a comedy.

Questions of the day

1. On race day (only 17 more days!), do I run while listening to my iPod? Is it allowed? Too distracting given the number of other runners around me? Is it rude? Will it keep me from hearing the crowd? (Don't I want that? Heh. Just kidding.)

What do other runners do?

2. Why does blogger do this to me, every time I try to write a new post?

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mother's Day... yeah, I don't have much to say there. Except that my friend (someone from choir) lost her mother the other day, so they said the mom's name at mass today, and she turned and looked at me, and ugh. Talk about feeling helpless. Handing someone kleenex and giving them a hug seems so .... inadequate.

So here are some links I found trying to get my mind off of things like that....

I have received some lime vodka that I need to decide what to do with. Votes? and don't pick the obviously most rudely named one, please.

I saw this book in Borders tonight while I was on my cellphone talking to Suzy and we were hysterical. I mean, "knitting" and "lingerie" just do NOT go together. At all. Seriously, it says "Take a peek inside the book here" and you must do it, to get even a hint of the wrongness of it.

I actually bought this book because it reminds me of one of my favorite bad movies. No, not Sin City. National Treasure, which apparently has a sequel in the works??? Who knew?

My boyfriend had a funny tv special - a Behind the Scenes show about good Eats. I heart Alton. I really, really do. Why can't I work on a cool tv show like his?

(Before I forget, thanks, for the ongoing encouragement with my running. I REALLY appreciate it.)

Lastly, I got new glasses. I really love them, because I splurged and bough Transitions lenses. It's the first time I've actually LIKED wearing glasses.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not Least?

After perusing last year's stats on the Friehofer website yesterday, I came to a discouraging conclusion.

I may be the VERY last finisher. There is an 81 year old woman who can apparently run circles around me. She will be done and drinking gatorade, and I'll still be trudging along.

Unless I trip her.

I pondered all of that this morning while I was running, and yes, I am still going to run, and if all goes well Suzy will be there at the finish line (good bonus, she's a nurse) -- right now she doesn't have to work so keep your fingers crossed. Just for the record, I ruled out tripping anyone...

...but I am definitely NOT drinking beer with Yort and the K's the night before. Even if they ARE drinking Sam Adams Summer Ale, which is awesome.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

That 70's show

Tomorrow for the school concert some of the kids have to wear 70's clothing. Huge synthetic afro - $10. Peace necklace and sunglasses- $6. Skinny white boy in the above.... well you know how it goes.


Last night I had the house to myself for about an hour (that NEVER happens) so I sat on my deck with cheese, crackers, and wine - Alto Adige 2005 Pino Grigiot. Nice... yes, I was listening to Michael Buble' too. Get over it.

I am also a candle junkie. New Yankee Candle scents that "mysteriously" appeared in my home last week include... (from the world fragrance collection...)Vera Cruz Vanilla, Tahitian Tiare Flower, Brazillian Passion fruit; (other new spring fragrances... ) Spring Bouquet, Sun and sand; also Greenhouse, (and...) MacIntosh & Peach. No, not all jars. I did show a morsel of restraint and got mostly votives, AND I had a coupon for the jars. This would be why Master Card and I will always be pen pals. Forever.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Girl who runs like chicken

Today it's about 80*. Pefect day for a beginner to go for a run in the blazing sun. :::wink::

I made it about 20 minutes, with some running, some walking, and of course it's up and down hills in the park where I go to run (it's nice, pine trees, a water feature, etc)

Had a great big bottle of water with me... which I finished. Only 25 more days!!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Notes

Well, today I redeemed myself in the choir loft and sang the actual notes on the music I was holding. Stanley couldn't resist torturing me by saying "do verse 3!" afterward, as if I'd forgotten to do it. Sometimes I make him laugh by holding my music upside down if it's got an obvious cover. Yes, I really live on the edge.

I have determined that once again this season my son plays best when I'm not watching (baseball this time).


  • Thursday - scrimmage - struck out while I was watching; hit a triple not long after I left for choir(also, unfortunately, while catching, whipped mask off to get a ball, then caught that ball with his nose. Rubbed nose for next two days.)
  • Saturday - foul out ; while I wasn't watching he caught a stinger at first base to get the batter out. Rubbed hand remainder of day.
  • Today - when I had the camera OFF, he batted, hit a single, but made it to second on an error.* Also while I was not watching, he got hurt again as catcher, took a pitch to his inside wrist. I may need to roll him up in bubble wrap.

* At least he's nice. Maybe a bit too nice. He crashed in to the first baseman, stopped to see if he was OK, then ran to second and third. He had to go back to 2nd for the crash....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

All a-Twitter

In case you haven't heard of here is an article... Twitter Nation

And, here's my twittering: at work today,

  • my iPod battery died
  • when I went to borrow a charger from JV, my shoe broke on the way back to my desk (a lovely slingback I was quite fond of, for you shoe fans...)
  • I considered stapling the strap back together in another friend's office
  • I was forced to cob-job it back together with needle and thread
  • I returned to my desk and read the online recap of LOST. Seriously, WTF? I am so annoyed with it. "Don't you KNOW where we are?" But oh, gory. Yucky.
  • as a capper to the day I found out the 3 day class I was supposed to take is cancelled. Dammit. I really wanted that training.

.... ta ta for now.... fire up your Tivo's and DVD's for a great tv night!!! extra long episode of The Office! Boo yah!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bad idea of the day's prize goes to whoever thought up the new Traveler's Insurance commercial.

You know, the one with rabbits with one front foot a deep color 9like blue, red, etc...) because they had the foot re-attached because they have such great insurance.