Saturday, April 07, 2007

can't quit my day job just yet

I stood at the microphone tonight for a short solo(one of about seven or eight different choir member solos during this lonnnnng 2.5 hour easter vigil mass).

Stanley and I exchanged our usual banter ("are you ready?" "yes" "are you ready yet?" "yes, Stanley" "are you ready?" "YES." He does this, because it makes me laugh. I think.)

I sang the response line. While the congregation repeated it back, I wondered whether I'd slid flat at the end.

I opened my mouth to sing the first note of the first line of the psalm, and then... nothing. I had NO idea how the melody should sound. It flew right out of my head.

I sang... something. Some thing vaguely like a slightly confused woman with a tin ear. Which, at the moment, I was.

But I plunged onward. Usually these things have two lines per verse, then the congregation responds. This one had THREE, and I effed it up every time in the first verse. I am not sure what I did, but it was vaguely a (bad) chant. It definitely wasn't the simple (dammit! it was so simple!) melody Stanley was playing, in hopes that I'd click back to the right channel.

I mimed to Stanley "It has flown right out of my head."

Suddenly, on the third verse, I remembered. Voila! I sang the right notes.

The thing is, I just know no one downstairs noticed. (Test case - spouse and kids did not notice. Or, they're good liars.)

soli Deo gloria, indeed!


OneScrappyChick said...

girl.. have yourself a nice cold adult beverage this afternoon... well done good and faithful servant. Happy Easter!!!

Lindystar said...

It's all good just remember the whole -Jesus dosn't care how you sound as long as it's a joyfull noise and it's for him - thing.

Thanx for the offer on the sheet music but I saved you some trouble and found it on the wide and wonderful internet.

Every once in a while I'm truly surprised at what it will give me if only I ask.

Ok that sounded a little sacrilige right?