Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 41

My lights are finally in over my (old) counter and they are just what I'd hoped for.

A good chunk of painting is done. The wainscoting is finally GREEN as I intended and I like it.

My toilet is leaking, so maybe Bob the builder will fix that for me. (Yes the water is off for now ) Just for a little variety.

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I can't do math lately

It has been 5+ weeks, not 7 yet.

I don't think we can afford the fireplace yet. At least, not based on the one place we looked the other day.

I had to take my desktop pc apart - so I can't read anyone's blog for a while. Unless you have your content on the left, links on the right, so that I don't have to scroll past too much junk w my blackberry trackball.

It's monday, I did not get enough sleep, and I just want to go home. Can someone wake me up at lunchtime?

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The only way celebrate a birthday is with lobster (but not the giant killer attacking ones) and a nice piece of beef and a 2005 cabernet

Then you bring the rest of the wine to your sisters house

(No, I didn't get lobster. Its not MY birthday. I did get some wine. And today at a farmers market I got really NICE tomatoes that I mixed with foccacia pieces and basil and fresh mozzarella and onion and I won't pretend that's lobster, but it was good)

Then you melt down chocolate and dip really fresh strawberries or poundcake or graham crackers or pretzels or cannolis. By "or" I mean "and", of course.

I wanted to eat the rest of the melted white chocolate with a spoon but that would be a Bad Idea. Right? Probably.

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Other plans

My son is mentally redesigning the screen porch.

"The DJ table goes over here, we'll replace this ceiling light fixture with a disco ball, we'll shine colored lights from these corners, the soda machine will be here, and the margarita bar will be over here for the old people "(points at ME!)


Random things

So, this and that....

  • Look at my knobs... pretty, huh? I wanted something that kind of goes with the light... the CORRECT LIGHT... which is now illuminating my kitchen table
  • Rugs will be 2 - 3 weeks. I want my house back together. Arrgh.
  • Hmm... I just read about the Atom smasher ... well, it's been nice knowing y'all.

Happy Birthday Suzy!

You're the best sister anyone could ever have.

(photo by Suzy)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 38 and 39

My daughter sent me a text message yesterday when she got home: "The house looks awesome!"

They started painting the walls, "pebbled courtyard" which is sort of a taupe but looks really nice on the walls. They also put up crown molding which is beautiful; we didn't have that in this room before, just some skinny quarter round.

Aaaaand BtB cleaned the paint off of both the leather chairs and the desk. (there were some quiet guity looks among the crew over his assertion that "no, we always tarp"... I think he just wasn't at my house when the guys got roller-ing.)

They also assured me that no, we know that's the porch light, we had to move the location and wanted to give you something and blah blah. Ok, as long as everything ends up in the right place. The porch light is now ON THE PORCH but not working yet, due to half the wiring not quite being finished, but the last screen is finally in so I'm going out there to have a cup of tea now.

Today I have to go spend more money. We need to buy a fireplace, and cabinet knobs, and confirm the carpeting and find out when that will be installed, so I can get most of my life back.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not a great day 37

In addition to multiple other discouraging things today, I came home to find the new PORCH light installed in my KITCHEN. (As in, remember THIS ? They didn't. )

Also some painting got started, which we were told wouldn't happen until Monday, so that we could clear the room; they started with the ceiling - which makes perfect sense. But there were things in the room still which didn't get covered... there are paint splatters on the good desk and the good leather recliner.

Not helpful to a harmonious evening.

Done that

Today I found out that no only do I now report to someone I never even met, they are in a completely different part of the company. In another state, even.

I am sure my new boss is wonderful. But the last time I got on this ride, I puked at the end, so....color me blue.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When the walls

...come tumblin' down...
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I got the guys pizza today (as a bribe to HURRY UP, more or less). After we finished, BtB just tore down the huge plastic tarp that has been dividing the new construction from the existing family room.

The kids and I promptly lost our minds about how big the room is. Lost. Our. Minds.

Or 36

I'm not sure anymore what day it is. All day yesteryday I thought it was Friday and kept saying to myself "No, Carly, it's Wednesday." For the benefit of anyone as confused as I am, yesterday was Tuesday. I also don't know if it's day 35 or day 36 of this work but it is clearly Time To Be Done. And we're soooo not done.

So these are the new cabinets. Opinions? Please share. Yes, all of you lurkers, you really need to talk to me today.

Day 35

The white stuff is already gone. The guy (Bob the Builder's assistant) said "you know, I stood there for 10 minutes wondering if I should get white, or the kind that you can paint." Ooooops. At least he was really nice about it.

I also found out I can paint the inside walls of the porch so I don't have to keep the tan color (blagh). Yay.

Now about those cupboards....

And oh, it's been 7 weeks and we're NOT DONE. Breathe in, breathe out.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

if only I hadn't packed the tylenol

... I could use some right now.

I noticed they started putting wainscotting on the two kitchen walls that don't have cabinets. (Good). It's white. (huh?) It seems to be a "finished" paneling product, and not wood that we can paint the medium/dark green I have picked out. (Bad!)

Hoping that's why they stopped...

Wondering if the sink or the faucets will be the next headache.

Still not decided on shade of cupboards, but my big pots actually DO fit. Hmmm. Bringing in two expert opinions tomorrow. One (my neighbor who is VERY honest) knows the question - do you notice? The other, my mom, doesn't, and that will be a good test. Will she say anything? If she notices, she definitely will. For once I'm banking on that. For the record, Suzy, who admits to being VERY picky about things and is a very talented artist (shades of color matter!) didn't even notice and thinks SHE could live with it. I'm weighing the options:

  • leave them; nothing in life is perfect and it MIGHT not be noticable once the counter's in (i know, I'm kidding myself here)
  • rip them out, send them back, and get it over with (but the boxes are long gone, giant headache, extra time, etc)
  • bite the bullet and get new top ones as soon as possible to match and stop this nonsense of trying to match 11 year old cabinets!! (means more packing of STUFF and so on, not to mention co$t)

don't know, don't know....


If you are a country fan, Sugarland's new song is FINALLY out on iTunes. Thing1 has been asking me for it every day for a while now since they performed it on tv at the awards. All I wanna doo ooo ooo ooo oooh.....

It's funny that this song mentions "that Elvis lip" because I was listening to the Elvis station on Sirius yesterday (what? I wander through the dial, and yes Poly I even listen to the Jimmy Buffet station too, when I can't bear to drive down the highway to work) and I was dwelling on how almost every song is about the amazing feeling of first falling love or the horribleness after it all falls apart, and Elvis first hit it big HOW many years ago? And it is still next to impossible for most people to get it right, and no one really understands why.

Golf tourney blues

So this one guy stands behind the sponsor sign for me to take his group's picture, and literally unbuckles his pants and drops them. The others say "X, it's a catholic school tournament, behave!"

I think I need a beer.
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More birdies

I am helping out with a golf tournament today. Take a picture. Print the picture. Zzzzzzz. At least it's not raining.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 34

I walked in, saw my new cupboards and thought, "Uh-oh".

They're ONE slight shade off, from the upper ones. I am hoping that when the dark countertop is on, it will be ok. We'll see. I'm trying not to think about it right now.

Uh-oh number two is that I really DON"T like the rolling drawer inserts in the pots & pans cupboard. I may take the lower one out. I feel like they waste a ton of space. I can't decide. I just know for a fact that my big pasta pot WON"T fit in it.


Bird brains

This is shaping up to be one of those days already.

I'm exhausted because I stayed up pretty late packing more stuff. I had to empty the bottom half of the cupboards in my kitchen. Fun fun fun.

I think I'm hallucinating; I keep seeing birds.

There was a great blue heron fishing in the pond this morning. His mate was also walking around on the banks, farther down.

On the exit ramp to work there is a woodsy area, and I saw a Mama wild turkey with at least four babies.

What's next?

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Everybody's doing it

"I think I am.
Therefore, I am.
I think."
- George Carlin

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Take cover

We were supposed to go to a baseball game today but there were some pretty bad storms predicted.

Around dinnertime we had tornado warnings. The kids must have been more afraid than I thought, because after the line of storms fiinished going through they literally both fell sound asleep right in front of the tv.

I'm sitting on my porch now, enjoying the breeze.
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Snapped

Today I taught my 11 month old nephew to cough deliberately for no reason other than that it's funny. It was just one of those goofy things his parents will want to kill me for. Heh. It's my revenge for the fact that he lets out EAR PIERCING shrieks and they never say "shhh" and put their finger on his lips to try to teach him NOT TO DO THAT CRAP.


So, with everything going on around here (today we bought a porch light and a beautiful shelf for the porch and BIG 5 gallon buckets of paint... ) I almost punted on my sister in law's birthday.

On about Tuesday night I went "oh crap... a gift". I'd had the bright idea to get her a photo puzzle about two weeks ago. She loves games & puzzles and so on. You would think I'd have ordered it then....

Wednesday morning I checked around Snapfish and they do make photo puzzles. I found a good picture, uploaded it, closed my eyes and clicked on $$ two day shipping. Awesome, it would arrive by the party (today).

Then I got an email saying that it would take 5-7 days to print the actual puzzle. Then it ships. My reaction was a sedate sort of WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I wrote a tense little note to Snapfish customer service pointing out that since they hadn't had that little 5-7- day factoid near the puzzle ordering details, I felt like I had paid waaaaaaaaaaay too much for shipping and was really not happy.

Whabaaam - about two hours later I magically got an email that my puzzle was printed, and wheee, it was on its way to me. Nice!

So, if there is a customer service department for, I don't know.... "THE UNIVERSE", um, I have a couple of things.

Friday, June 20, 2008


this crappy photo* actually shows a mama and 15 VERY new baby ducks. Every one of those things that looks like a rock is a little fuzzy puffball of cuteness that will someday make a lovely meal. I kid, I kid. Is a mama duck considered an "adult?"
* I really need to stop dropping my Blackberry.

Tonight I got home just in time to go for a walk with my kid, who is getting very good at skipping rocks. It was pretty damn nice to wander around without worrying about what PTA emails might be waiting for me back at the ranch.

Today, at the house, more sheetrock taping, and putting up of "stuff" on inside walls of porch. Not sure what it's called but looks like (fake?) cedar... Tired, can't formulate proper description.

All but ONE screen is installed on the porch, so no sitting out there just yet.

Day 31

I am tired of writing checks to Bob the builder because I usually say to myself as I write, "Ten and no/ ....oh crap"

I am not used to being a high roller.

I have to buy my paint this weekend. And light bulbs for my six new lights. Who says I don't have a wild Saturday planned?

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and I can not lie

I can absolutely guarantee one way I will never get arrested: at a party like this one.

I am dying to give the kids the wii; I almost told them last night after Thing2 won his baseball game.

Today is my last day to saunter out of work early, but on the flip side for the next 10 weeks I have an extra day off each week.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So my kid played baseball, and did very well as one of the catchers. I have the empty Spray & Wash bottles to prove it. I once asked if he just rolled around in the dirt before the game, just to warm up. Nothing really seems to get by him.

They won, every game this season. Including tonight!

We were down the first two innings, 3 -0. it looked like rain and we DIDN'T want a rainout, before the game was really over. Then we tied in the 4th.

Then we pulled ahead in the 5th(they don't play 9 innings at this age, only 6 ). Last inning started, we were home team. One out, a runner on base, excellent play to first for second out, another runner on base, then the pitcher struck out Ms. Fabulous Money's even more fabulous son and the game was over. Hee hee hee. Ms. FM was NOT HAPPY. Hee hee hee.

Day 30

I am tired of cone-struction. There, I said it.

That being said the guys are all really nice and got plenty done today.

The sheetrock taper showed up at 7:01 and got started. The other guys did all of the siding and installed the screen door for the porch.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 29

Sheet rock on my walls. Taping tomorrow, cabinets maybe monday. Wheee! Porch is progressing (trim, soffits, stuff like that).

Other things going on:

Turns out Thing 1 was smart to skip pool day. Thing 2's friend took a big scary fall off of one of those playground merry go rounds (which was spinning at the time, d'oh!) and got carried away in an ambulance just to be checked, while 100 kids stood there crying. Sounds like great fun! Friend is pretty much "fine". Maybe I won't have to worry about pool day anymore. Snarky but true.

One and a half days of school left... if I survive them without smacking someone. Hey, miracles can happen!

Planning a party for the first of my friends at work to leave, but this is one who quit, he didn't get fired. Yeah, stick it to the man! Ahem. I mean, we'll miss you. First beer's on me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This post brought to you by Tylenol

I'm working from home today; a complex negotiation took place with Thing 1, who didn't want to be at pool day today and agreed to do laundry; it is now not being done without frequent reminders to "get your butt in there and do it". The tv really WILL still be there when you bring your fried eyeballs back to it.

There is quite a lot of banging emanating from the back of the house. Also the occasional cussword (wait, no, that's me). Today is boring things like insulation. The photos will be almost nothing. But next week, there might be cabinets. Ooooh. (sigh... more packing.)

Also tonight, a transition meeting for PTA. I'm thinking of giving each family a Tylenol rating(one tablet, two, or three) in the school directory, based on whether they bounce checks, criticize the lunch program, complain about fundraisers, etc. All those little charming things that make being an officer so easy.

When all the hotness is gone

it's a sad, sad thing. Yes, that's not your grandfather in the garage, that's Sting

Monday, June 16, 2008


We looked out the front door last night and saw a baby skunk sniffing around in the crazy neighbor's flowerbeds. It was easy to see because this particular flowerbed is raised in such a way as to appear to be concealing bodies. (This neighbor also wraps her shutters in foil come december, and adds bows "to look like gifts". )

Today I heard her nonchalantly telling another neighbor "yes, there are seven (7!!!) babies in the wood pile; we have to call someone to get rid of them." Um, soon. Please? Very soon? Can I loan you my phone? Cause I have plenty of minutes. Really really.

I am the point person for a couple of items while we transition to new PTA officers. (Insert several consecutive cartwheels here, I am freeeeee!). One item involves receiving the forms that people fill out, to specify how they want their family listed in the school directory. Now, the top of the form is the family listing, name address and phone number, and the bottom allows you to have your business listed in the school directory if you would like.

It makes me laugh how some people shred the form and then cram it into a giant envelope, all folded up. For no particular reason, they savagely rip the bottom half off. Hey - if you don't have a business, leave it blank. I promise NOT to give you a fake entry in the business section. Like skunk removal services.

My new floor is the wrong height. Or actually, Bob tB called and said that whoever did the first addition did that floor in such a way that HIS floor is not the right height to line up, and he didn't know that until he broke the wall today. Apparently he is going to have to chaching, lay aother layer of plywood on top of what he's already put down. Hmm. I'm betting that means my shiny new door is going to be fucked up. Any takers on that bet?

Rolling my foot on a tennis ball relieves the (self diagnosed) plantar fasciitis that's been killing me since I went to NYC. I think it cost me $1.50 for three tennis balls. I had to buy them at target because I don't play tennis. Why does this paragraph make me feel SO MUCH like Andy Rooney?

Seriously, I'm sure Russert was a great guy but the first 15 minutes of the today show was Lauer telling the guy's kid personal anecdotes. I felt like I was eavesdropping, listening to it (Mr. C and the kids like the tv on in the morning) and was concurrently thinking THIS IS NOT REALLY SUCH MAJOR NEWS!!! I'm sure this is not a popular opinion. I don't cannonize news anchors the way many people in this country seem to.

Cavemen (day 27)

We came home (after HELLISH day - incredible thunderstorm storm with dense hail at work, and more hair-pulling emails than I can count...)

The kids and I came home to find that we have ONE REALLY BIG GIANT ROOM NOW.

The windows were moved, the old wall is GONE, completely, and neatly, and there is plastic hanging to separate the old from the new, but you can ALMOST see through it. We immediately found the side that we could slip through and took turns sort of shaow dancing on the other side to amuse each other. Strictly G-rated of course!

It's one biiiiig room. A giant empty cave, really.

How much do my contractors rock? They even ran an extension cord so that we can watch tv.

That's it?

It occurred to me this morning that all we had to do is turn the couch the way it is now, and then everything would be fine. We wouldn't have needed this addition after all. (If I threw away all of my hobby materials - beads, photos, paper, stamps, cross stitch...)

The room is a hollow shell and ECHOES like crazy. But the loveseat does look really good at this angle. We packed some 35+ boxes because Mr decided we should use "banker boxes" which are more for archiving paper business records than.... stuff.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Speed post

quasi - telegram...

Duet with Betty at church - sang it right! Kissing my baby nieces/nephews at brunch - awesome (sang "Mockingbird" to one and got HUGE smile)

packing boxes boxes boxes boxes - NOW my daughter wants to clean out HER room?????? Right now??? Seriously??

Moving said boxes down to my mother in law's, where she will surely dust them for the next 3 weeks. Bye bye, all my stuff.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 25


I have SO MUCH STUFF in this room, that's the irony -- having to empty it to make it bigger.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 24

Bob the Builder handed me keys today, to a door that will go from the family room to the porch, which is now in place.

He also hung up some recessed lighting (six, did I need six? I guess we did, it's big. )

The house now looks like a BOMB WENT OFF. I have been packing desk stuff and scrapbook stuff and picture frames and just STUFF for hours and have not much really accomplished. Oh well. I have tomorrow and Sunday afternoon.

Went to the farmer's market near me, got a NYS wine and some veggies (no tomahhhtoes, boo, I love tomatoes).

Monday... the wall comes down. Buckle up!

Feels like today

I took today off for the hell of it because now that I am done with the raffle and the breakfast and the recital I can do ANYTHING I WANT around here today.

I went to Fleet Feet and got fitted correctly for size. My mizunos I love are not quite sized right and pronating, yada yada.

I went on a whim and didn't think to wear shorts and a tshirt. I had on a longsleeve black tshirt and jeans. The clerk who helped me was nice about not visibly laughing. ;-)

I'm going to lace up these little limes and get some of my stuff around here packed out of the way. (Bob the Builder says next week, we break through the old wall. )

Create the world you want to see.
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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I think I wore THIS shirt to work Monday, too.

It's going to be one of those days.
Carly(via Blackberry)


It's dance recital day. Sweet mother of pearl. I'm doomed.

And I got only a few hours of sleep because Top Chef was on (Yay winner!) and my cabinets were scattered all around the warehouse and so I put off printing pictures that Thing 2 NEEEEEEEDS for today until 11:30 or so when I finished with TC and THEN I couldn't find a picture from first grade and then I had to proofread Thing 1's poem which is VERY good, and

then I couldn't fall asleep

...until 2 am.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


:::dancing around:::::

Poly got me a wii, Poly got me a wii.... you can't get them around here. I bow to her supremacy.

The kids are going to have a GOOD time this summer.

Day 22 or something

Today Bob the builder pointed out where he will put outlets in my family room and talked to me about things like which way doors will swing open (which seems trivial at first until you think about walking AROUND an open door that is in your way 1,000 times). They framed out the porch some more. (lower walls, windowsills... everything is tied together now properly and not just propped up - which one of the crew was worried about last night since our area had tornado watch conditions... um, YIKES!)

and here are some random notes:

  • I want a camera just like this, Santa: Nikon D70
  • I had a list of things to blog about and I lost it.
  • My daughter has a boyfriend ::::thud:::::
  • I was instant messaging my friend at work today and reciting the various lyrics from "I'm fucking matt damon" this afternoon. I hope I don't get fired.
  • we are picking up my new cabinets tonight - gotta go!!


Carly(via Blackberry)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


FINALLY - thunderstorms.

I am listening to the sound of the rain through the windows that open into the addition.

(Day, uh, something- a llittle bit of porch roof made. It was too hot)

I got my blackberry skins from BLACKBERRYSOURCE.COM and I'm very happy. Now my BB doesn't LOOK like I keep dropping it.
Carly(via Blackberry)

by the way

...the cheery song was by jack Johnson and you can hear it here

How my day went

Everyone laughed at her joke

As if they'd never even heard it before

And maybe they were truly amused

But every word that she spoke was a bore

And maybe it's because they had seen

The previews on the TV screen

Well this part is good and that's well understood

So you should laugh if you know what I mean

But it's all relative

Even if you don't understand

Well it's all understood

Especially when you don't understand

Then it's all just because

Even if we don't understand

Then let's all just believe

Everyone knows what went down

Because the news was spread all over town

And fact is only what you believe

And fact and fiction work as a team

It's almost always fiction in the end

That content begins to bend

When context is never the same

And it's all relative

Even if we don't understand

And it's all understood

Especially when we don't understand

Then it's all just because

Even if we don't understand

Then lets all just believe

I was reading a book

Or maybe it was a magazine

Suggestions on where to place faith

Suggestions on what to believe

But I read somewhere

That you've got to beware

You can't believe anything you read

But the good Book is good

And it's all understood

So don't even question

If you know what I mean

But it's all relative

Even if you don't understand

Well it's all understood

Especially when you don't understand

And it's all just because

Even if we don't understand

Then lets all just believe

But there you go once again

You missed the point and then you point

Your fingers at me

And say that I said not to believe I believe

I guess

I guess it's all relative

Casa Carly Stuff

It's hotter today - yay.

Bob the builder told me I have to use outdoor carpeting on the screen porch. Damn. Just what I didn't want, but there won't be windows to close, just open screens. At least it's a good size (12 by 13 feet)

He said the wasp nest was very much alive, inside that soffit. Must have been a Good Time when they opened that up! I did have Raid in the garage for them though (I should buy more).
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Questions from my kids

1. Are we getting a new big screen tv because the family room will be bigger? (No)

2. What if we don't like the addition? (well that will really suck, won't it?)

3. What's for dinner? (How much money do you have?)
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Day 20

Holy crap, it's hot. 90+ out there. Almost TOO hot to go out and take pictures.

BtB framed the roof of my screen porch today. And it's hot out.

The room will have a nice symmetry around the deck with the garage.

Did I mention how friggin hot out it is?

There was a big yellow jacket's nest, right where I always ALWAYS knew there was, in the soffit at the end of the deck. I found pieces of it all over the deck. The hot deck. Pieces, lying in the hot sun.

OK, you get it, right?

Junk Room

My great Aunt Helena used to love garage sales. She used to go on a regular basis, with her best friend Ruth.

Her purchases would be deposited into the Junk Room, the second bedroom of her house. That room was beyond awesome. It was a kid magnet.

Suzy and I were just discussing it this morning. Pins, necklaces, hats, gloves. Everything a fashionable woman of last century would accessorize with. All sizes, colors, shapes.

If I recall correctly, there were art supplies and books too. Any number of interesting, random objects were piled here, there, and everywhere.

Every time we visited, Helena would let us poke around unsupervised to our heart's content. Eventually we always found something that caught our interest, and then we begged our mother to let us bring it home.

I always loved her house. It was a little brick house with a fireplace and a baby grand in the living room. I would have loved to see Suzy live there. Unfortunately so would the brothers at the frat house which is now right next door.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008


The breakfast is over.

My REAL friends helped cook and serve and clean up (we won't talk about the rude boorish behaviour of some of the guests, but I did end up in tears this morning. I am fortunate to have great kids who helped me shake it off. )

Its time for my glass of wine...

and I'm locked out of my house.

Karma is laughing at me.

Mr. C will be home SOON.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Beep beep beep

...of a work truck to tell me that Nimo is dropping my gas line this morning. Yay!

Now as long as they don't dig right through any of these, we won't have a problem:

(My stargazer lily, which is SO close to blooming, the clematis on my trellis is too, and my coreopsis are NO WHERE NEAR where they should be digging!!)

Last Minute Lucy

So here I am -

It's 6:42 on Saturday morning, and I've been awake for over an hour, at the computer, doing things for this breakfast like seating charts and placecards that I should have been doing for the past couple of weeks, instead of ... I don't know, BLOGGING, maybe?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Day 17

Before I imploded at Sam's we took Sharpie markers and signed some of the various indoor beams with our initials and names and the date.

Just a little graffitti, not too much. It was just a fun, (lazy Mama's) time capsule, and the kids loved it.

Becaus of the rain the guys focused on framing the ceiling today. Whooopdedoo. Oh, and they put down a pressure treated floor for the porch. I really want to tile the porch. There's a straight line delineating where the new part starts that I'm not crazy about (the existing deck extended a bit past the house.

Now that we got more copies of the blueprints from the architect they can do the roof for the screen porch next.

Carly(via Blackberry)

Dear Sam's Club

I hate you - I hate the giant heavy bulk- ness of your items and your random organization and your towering high shelves and the people who roam around in your store. I hate the logic used to place items and I hate that the signs don't match what's in the aisles but then I realize that they do when I go down for the third time

I hated the clerk who rang up each item and literally said "I'll put this here" as he placed it in my cart, which wasn't my cart, because it was the person's ahead of me, and I hate that everyone gets what's going on in this store, and I don't. I hate that there are no bags because everything is big. I hate that everyone thinks these are the greatest stores ever.

I hate having to make breakfast for 75 people this Sunday. I hate that my feet hurt from roaming around this giant store stressing about how much of each thing to buy. I hate it that Suzy is right when she says "who cares what they think? they'll never be happy and they're just basically mean... ignore them". I want breakfast in bed Sunday! Soooo not going to happen.

Es regnet heute

When I was little I used to live on the east bank of a river. We'd sit in our screenhouse in the evenings.

If a thunderstorm was coming in from the west we would watch the lightning over a nearby city and then the wall of rain would travel over the river to us. I used to absolutely love to watch that, and I still lam in awe of the beauty of a strong thunderstorm.

We would wait until the last possible second and then leave the (METAL) screen house and run for the house, laughing.

Maybe it's because the storm woke me at four a.m., and I couldn't fall back asleepn and I'm so tired, but all of my rainy day memories seem like SO long ago. They almost don't even feel mine anymore.
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Thursday, June 05, 2008


After reading this I have to say that since it was Shania who gave us "It only hurts when I breathe" (1) and "I'm jealous" (2) will surely put out some amaaaaaaaaaaaazing songs once she gets over Mutt.

And it only hurts when I'm breathing
My heart only breaks when it's beating
My dreams only die when I'm dreaming
So, I hold my breath--to forget

If I were the moon, I could catch your eye
I'm jealous of the moon
If I were the wind, I would make you fly
I'm jealous of that too

Some people get it, some never will. When I'm in a bad place, and I hear a song that nails just how I'm feeling, it's comforting to know that someone else understands exactly what that feels like.

Day 16

One of the best parts of this week has been being able to stand in the space while it is under construction and think "My art table (sitting patiently in the garage in a carton) will go right here. The other chair will go right there".

Today they started to make the floor of the screen porch. They also finished the roof framing of the family room. Yeeeehaw.

Today at work more than one person basically gave me a pile of crap I didn't deserve. I just wanted to pick up the phone and say "Not having it. Do NOT throw me under the bus for not getting a program done as quickly as you want, when I'm trying to help you in my practically nonexistent spare time." And also "if you continue to treat me this way, the answer is that you just won't get it at all. I am tired of people who try to push my buttons. Wake up. Knock it off. Thank you. "

In completely unrelated news, I got a new ringtone. Any guesses?????

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Day 15

I got hammered and nailed all day. Hahahaha. No, (re: previous post), Klinger wasn't wearing a dress. Bonus points for all who wondered.

I have a plywood roof. Not quite enough to hide out there for the evening, but exciting anyways.

The Wrongness Of The Deck is still an issue. Pffft. Whatever. It's some boards on sticks. Really.

I ordered my granite today, more or less. I have to have them come measure, once the new cabinets are in. Wheeeeeeee.

Well now

I am working from home today for a couple of reasons.

I am happy to say that the guys are also here working, even though it's rainy today.

I don't mind if the workers smoke OUTSIDE. I was just surprised to see a Klinger lookalike smoking a CIGAR in my yard.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


My builder just called; OF COURSE he did not block the dryer vent. It's venting to the open area under the new family room floor for now. Uh, yay, I can do laundry.

I also noticed (when I was walking around trying to figure out if the vent has been redirected yet) an odor that concerns me. The odor of cat... um.. cats, using my dug up yard for a... well, you know what I mean.

Then I was walking around and noticed a bucketlike container of kitty litter, with a handle and a lid. This freaked me out. Are we encouraging cats here? Too cheap for a porta john? WTF?

I finally summoned my courage to open the bucket and, trying not to gag, I looked inside.

Nails. Bundles of nails, for a nail gun.

Go ahead, laugh. Your yard doesn't smell like 100 cats took a crap in it.


....problem with the new construction.... I do not think I have a dryer vent anymore. Hmmmm. It was on the back of the house riiiiiight about THERE. Where that new deck is.

If I didn't have four loads of laundry to do, I would not be so bummed right now.
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Day 14

Awesome. I have walls roughed out. My son: "we're going to have WINDOWS!!!" Um, yeah.

Bob the Builder told me this morning that there are "issues" with my existing deck; not a big deal apparently. Just not really attached to the house the best/ most correct way.

Today was better at work. Things seem to have taken a SLIGHT turn for the better now that some of the worst stress of the layoffs is behind us.

I went out briefly, picked a sandwich, and went back to eat lunch with my crew. I have this shirt, and every time I wear it, apparently it is required that we ALL discuss it at the lunch table. I swear to George Clooney, people. Yes, I have cleavage. This shirt is NOT THAT LOW CUT. It is merely not a turtleneck, and when I wear something that isn't a turtleneck the masses must discuss the fact that "Oh my god, she's letting the girls breathe today."

I'm mystified. But the fact that I had gone out to get the sandwich made me feel better. Panera. Yum. (Andy, one of my coworkers, got a cafeteria sandwich, and the bread was so stale it actually broke into pieces. Not good. So I did actually give him one half slice of my bread, because a Panera sandwich is actually SO big on two giant slices, I can never finish the entire thing and they didn't have a soup that I liked today, and ramble ramble ramble he liked the sundried tomato bread. Karma, I need all the karma I can get.)

We had ice cream this afternoon to celebrate a couple of upcoming birthdays. There were actually a few people SMILING. Haven't seen that in a while.

I ache. That's what happens when you don't run for 3 months. Oooopsie.

Monday, June 02, 2008

One lap, two lap

So, basically my boss nudged me along a little by threatening me with a 5K this fall and tonight I went for a short 20 minute run which kicked my ass and made me want to puke JUST A LITTLE.

I can't recall the last time I ran but it was an early fake spring day quite a while ago.

The running itself felt ok other than the brief wannabarf, and I am stretching and typing on my blackberry at the same time, which is rather bogus, but at least I'm doing a little bit.

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Day 13

I now have plywood where my family room floor will be.

I also still have a job for now, after a long day of waiting while people were plucked away here and there like the Others used to in season 1 & 2 of Lost.

I'm sitting at a baseball game now; the cotton tree seeds are everywhere. It looks like snow. It gets in your eyes and hurts, or up you nose. Foul!

If you need me, I'll be listening to Coldplay's new song over and over.
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Symmetry've probably seen this... but it's cool, no?

I am in the mood for a dark movie. I will probably go see this one alone (hopefully not whilst collecting unemployment, but at any rate, it's on my calendar. Life goes on.)

So, Meopta had a post about a meme that basically is, "go find your 42nd blog post ever; that sums up your life."

Mine has several insights into my life:

  • I hate the supermarket
  • I love to cook for other people
  • I love my sister
  • I love wine somewhat more than cooking... but less than my sister, of course
  • I'll probably enjoy a good action movie based on comics, (but I'd rather not see thick shiny yellow blood - I should have known better. )

Sunday Art

Recently, one of the blogs I read and enjoy was featured on, so I have been exploring that, and found all sorts of art blogs to look at. Awesome.

Today I came across Frostyland (love the Billy Idol lyrics) and Frostola's gallery - beautiful shots.