Friday, December 11, 2009

Wwtt edition 2

What were they thinking?

This is a screen grab from "spice up your kitchen. It seems like a fairly average /typical show with tips about colors and "counterscaping" (think about it )with items that are functional AND colorful.

But I can't get past this island. This is the side that the barstools will be on. (I know this from an earlier scene in the show.) So , now your visitors and children can kick the crap out of all your winebottles. D'oh.
Carly(via Blackberry)


Anonymous said...

At least their island doesn't emit harmful radon....just sayin'...

Carly said...

it MIGHT!!!! ;-)

Trish said...

oy...this is where the designers need to try and USE the damn thing...and see how wrong they are.

are they gonna build a rack to slide OVER the wine rack so no one will kick the crap out of the nice bottles of wine stored there?!?! the wine didn't do anything to THEM!

no kidding, word ver: pheat