Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ending on a good note

I got a job!

I know.

I accepted the job AFTER fully disclosing that I'm about to need some
time off to fight back against my misbehaving knockers. They want me
anyway - it was such a Sally Field moment. They are going to set me up
to work from home as needed, plus a couple of other things that made
me weep like a beauty pageant queen - smiling through tears.

As a cherry on top, I'm typing this post (slowwwwwwly) on my new
iPhone. Santa rocks.

Happy new year - hope I'm around as long as Dick Clark, eh?


mkp-hearts-nyc said...

Ayyyymen and congrats!! So glad to hear it. And I'm pulling for you with fingers crossed re: knockers trouble. *high-five*

Nick Ward said...


We're thinking of you and praying for you this side of "The Pond"!

Grace said...

Glad to hear (rrr, read)! But sorry for you and your 'knocker' problem... thinking of you and wishing you all the best.