Wednesday, October 03, 2012

October again (rerun)

This is a post I wrote a year ago, but it's still very much true:

It explains why I don't wear a pink ribbon every day in October.

In other cancer-licious news, I have been offered a chance to participate in a pilot exercise class aimed at veterans of breast cancer.  It will be free for me, as it is a brand new class that they are creating, and want people to give feedback. I'm excited because I need to really get back to a healthy fitness routine. Once upon a time I was a little bit fitter, and even belonged to a gym and did the weights, treadmills, spinning, all of that good stuff.  LETS JUST SAY, it was over ten years ago and I want that ME back.

I have a treadmill and a universal sort of workout bench, so I am hoping the trainer leading the class will help me formulate a plan. That's what I need, a man with a plan (or a strong female coach with a plan.... not picky here! )

Here's the description...

a 6-week bone building, muscle strengthening, body toning, and metabolic boosting strength session.  This 6-week session is designed for beginners looking to take advantage of the research-based benefits of resistance training.  These benefits include reversing the changes (loss of lean muscle mass, decreased strength, and increases in fat mass) seen in people diagnosed with breast cancer as well as those going through hormonal changes and chemotherapy.   

Wish me luck!!

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