Sunday, December 12, 2010

C is for

This picture only shows half of what we accomplished; it doesn't show the gluten free cookie I invented for my brother in law based on the recipe he USED to expect every year at our tree trimming party. We call them Scotchies, and they have butterscotch and white chips, pecans, and...scotch whiskey. The GFree bisquick mix has some potential- I need to tweak the recipe though. It was a little bit too far off in consistency but still tasty. It's the least I could do for one of the best brother in laws around (he got me in with the awesome medical team that managed my surgery/ chemo/ rad.)

The photo also doesn't show the two kinds of fudge I made (chocolate and a chocolate/ white combo with candy cane bits mixed in) or the almond flavored dough that is still sitting in my fridge waiting for time in the oven.

It also doesn't show the hours I spent *not* thinking about that "other c-word", cancer. Like, hours and hours - (easily the longest stretch in a year) of pure normal. I was delightfully distracted, and just baking and being in the moment with our friends and all the kids (we ended up with six kids PLUS my own two) and spending time on a Skype call with Suzy to admire her growing baby belly.

C *is* for cookie (say it with me), that's good enough for me.

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