Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I love NY

Dear Blog, I miss having time after school waiting for the kids to get off the bus, to post to you.
I'm extra busy what with a new Tim Holtz tag every day and a new level of Angry Birds open and photo assignments I am not keeping up with (but I am keeping all the emails). I mean, I am busy with Christmas errands. Yeah right. Although I did buy a beautiful bracelet for the woman who took care of me this year, shaving my head when the chemo kicked in, and then working with it as it grew back(gray). I got kind of choked up telling the sweet sales clerk who it was for and we had a nice moment because she has had BC issues too.
Monday was a quick trip to NYC chaperoning a field trip put together by my son's awesome choir teacher. I love Times Square. We got dropped off by our cowboy hat wearing bus driver at Bryant Park. The three kids my friend and were assigned to watch went ice skating briefly at Bryant Park. Then I put on Missy's skates (you're not really supposed to do that...oops.) My karma caught up with me quickly - I took two steps out onto the ice and fell right on my butt. It was pretty funny though. I skated a little bit after that, and got a few photos of me and the kids. I was pretty camerahappy all day. Can I just tell you I hate being on a bus with a kid's movie blaring? Kthanks.
We walked towards Times Square after we skated, and some guy named AJ (Calloway?) was filming a promo for Extra. He was not bad on the eyes, I must say. They were grabbing passerby's and so two of our kids are in the crowd around him, if you saw that bit. Something about Where all the stars come out, yada yada.  He said "Nobody does it better than we do" or something like that 50x because he kept laughing. A true TWSS fan, clearly.
The primary reason for the trip was the Radio City Music Hall show and if you've never seen it, put that in your bucket list. I loved the 3D part where Santa flies around Manhattan, and the part where the Rockettes "ride a Gray Line" bus around some of the best scenes in the city. But the toy soldier routine (where the cannon fires and they fall like a line of Dominoes) is my absolute favorite.
I love you, Manhattan, I will be back soon.

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