Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Over

There is a local blog about "what to do this weekend", and recently they put out an email to people who had previously submitted photos. (I sent in some local images two years ago for an event, but they were not published online -- it's way back before chemo, and a little bit murky in my mind, because I ended up not being able to go to whatever the event was to see my photo on display on the projection screen behind WhateverSpeaker.)

Last week they ran a series of Summer Scenes posts, and the email was requesting photos to use for that series. I sent a few links to photos of mine from a local fair, and kayaking on Lake George, and so on. (you can see the fair shots here , and here is the kayak shot -- but you've seen that already in my blog header. )

So I got a reply "How would you like us to credit you? Is there anyplace you want us to link to?" and was very excited... and then they didn't use my photos. I was a little bit crushed because they focused on one photographer each day and I felt like I didn't make the cut. But I got over it and just decided to study the photos that DID get used; one thing I've always believed in life is there is always someone better off than you, yes, but there is also someone doing worse than you in whatever aspect of life you are dwelling on, and so stop feeling sorry for yourself already.

Today I got a wonderful note explaining that they'd changed direction with the series and asking if I would like them to use some of my photos in the future. Hell yes!! The best part of the email was her remark, "We love your work."

So, I hope to be able to link to a future post and scream "THEY USED MY PHOTO, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!" very soon.


markhudson75 said...

Excellent! Congratulations, Carly! You're a very talented photographer, and I'm glad that's being recognised. Can't wait to see the link when you post it.

Trish said...

isn't it nice when your work is appreciated?!?!

I had a similar situation where I had been put into emergency work for an event when a photog didn't show up. Didn't turn out to be as big a deal as I expected after all the "asking about crediting and use" as this was just as the economy was taking a dive, but I did get an email the other day about someone who had seen them...so, who knows?