Sunday, July 17, 2011

A little bit of baseball

Just a few shots with Hipstamatic on my iPhone. I like to put it in random mode, shake it, and take a picture. The camera chooses a lens effect and a film for you (different borders and things like monochrome, sepia, black and white, etc)    I just wish that I could edit an existing photo on my phone with this  app... but you can't. (Are you listening, developers?)

It was HOT at the ballpark, but I went there to photograph a little pregame ceremony something like my Pink Zone event this past winter. Breast cancer survivors were lead out onto the field and announced, and I took a few photos. It was definitely fun to be ON the field and I was trying to figure out if I could talk my way into staying.   But then I started thinking "Hm... these players are all half my age...." and then the official photographer came out waving his giant zoom lens all over the place ( and there I was with an 18-45, which was right for the group shots that I needed to do, but appeared so inadequate, hahah)

So I went back to my seat and played with Hipstamatic. It was a beautiful summer evening and the home team won, and my kids are old enough to roam free  - except for when they want cash, of course. I sat with my funny friend who always makes me laugh because she says things like "How many Johnsons does this team have anyway?" That's her last name, and the guys and I died when she said that because then she said "Ohh... wait..."   This is one of the reasons I love her. Another is that she is always willing to share a beer with me. And when I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance a year and a half ago (surgery complications, bleeding, nasty infection... etc)    she was the first one to get to my house and hug my crying children.  What's not to love in that?

Anyway, I tried to take a few photos of the actual players and got one good one I'll post in a minute. Hey batter batter!!!! I was in college when you were born!

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