Saturday, May 19, 2012


About a week ago I tried to explain to my daughter that yes, you are looking forward to your prom but so am I; I am your mom and it is a milestone for me too.

Most parents dream of prom dresses and wedding veils, but when those things become something you might miss out on, the realization that you made it after all becomes even sweeter.

I walked to church today; it's only a mile and I knew that First Communion parking is mayhem. (I had to sing...) It confused the hell out of my family and at least three of my friends who drove by me, to see ME, walking. Because I never, ever, walk to church. I haven't, in 22 years of marriage.

It was fine. The weather was perfect and I picked the right shoes and really why didn't I do this sooner???

I want to see my new baby nieces make their first Holy Communion. I really want to see their prom days. I don't want cancer to come back, now that I think I've won, and fuck with my plans to live to be 95 like all of my father's aunt and uncles.

So I need to get back into shape, and today I walked two miles. (And one whole mile was uphill.)

Suck it, cancer.

(in may 2010 I was finishing up chemo... I can hardly believe two years have gone by )

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Trish said...

amen dear!

I told cancer I was going to kick ass and take names...but telling cancer to suck it...has a nice ring to it too! ;-)