Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ready Set Go

* I am delighted to share with you that my newest niece was born this weekend, a few minutes before midnight on Saturday evening. She is  ADOR A BLE and I am once again sneaking in photoshop collage time whenever I get a new picture of her. *

Today I volunteered at my daughter's track meet; the school hasn't hosted one in a while and the track coach had asked a few parents to help.  The official, bless his heart, didn't blink when he realized he had six timers, but none of us had ever clocked a race. He very patiently proceeded to train us during the meet.

Luckily it was a VERY small meet - two schools that are small, and they didn't even always have runners from both schools in each race. (Racing against yourself really sucks, but is done all too often in smaller towns )  So we could double up and have multiple people timing each runner so that we could get a sense whether we were hitting too slow or too fast.

I screwed up the first one... I was supposed to time the 5th place runner,  but I got confused because he was neck and neck with the 4th place guy. So I stopped my watch too soon.  Gah! Luckily for me the person who was SUPPOSED to time 4th place instead timed the runner in the 4th lane... who finished fifth.  Got that? Oh, it was comedy. But fun. 

The starter was laughing at us.  Quietly, but I could tell.  I didn't argue with him; dude has a gun.

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