Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's summer

Drink it up... The late afternoon thunder, the days which all too quickly grow shorter.

I gardened all day, (this little fellow hitchhiked home with me from the garden store...) and now I am making dinner while I drink a glass of wine in my shorts and a polo shirt. Bliss!!

I am taking care of my friend's dad's garden while he's in the hospital. It's a beautiful, serene setting tucked away behind his house on a busy street. It's been 90 degrees all week, so I have made it my mission to keep everything from wilting. This means half an hour of wrestling with a super-long hose at least once every day, but I don't care. Each time, I notice something new while I water. (Ooh, I want one of those. And some of that. I wonder what it's called...) I want him to get well soon and teach me about his flowers, and to design an entire garden for me.

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