Tuesday, June 05, 2012


1) this past weekend I took 900 photos at my cousin's wedding. I adore her... She cried and ran over to hug me when I showed up at the rehearsal unexpectedly-- I haven't seen her in person in years, and she was sooo good to me while I was sick. There is a pocket of people on the other side of my home state who are so kind and loving to me... even though I am but a wife of a third cousin... I am very happy about that.

2) I shoot ballerinas again now - tonight was dance recital night. Or, "don't take a fucking picture on our backdrop with your phone, stage mom"... Longtime readers of my blog will understand.

3) Shooting myself in the foot.... I went to DMV today with a form that WASN'T SIGNED by my husband and the clerk pointedly asked "is he in the car???" threeeeeeee times before I said OH! Yes. I'll be right back.

In other words, I provided some people a much needed laugh today. Because, what's fun about dee em veee other than laughing at the girl who isn't awake yet???

4) just when I am about to lose my mind over the little quirks of dealing with 24/7 care for my inlaws, they clean out a drawer and give me a camera (shown above) from 1959. I die. I need to put a real roll of film in this baby. Just 'cause. The leather case makes my heart sing.

5) At the wedding, I took awesome photos (if I do say so myself) of Everett Lee and Underground Stampede, a country band that rocked the vineyard - check my instagram out (carlyq80) for just a couple of the best. Because really, 900 photos? Oy vey.

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