Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting wiggy

So tonight I went with out with my friend. The same friend took me to
Happy Happy Fight for a manicure the day I got my diagnosis.

She made an appointment took me to a posh strip mall to try on wigs.
It won't be long before I'm rocking a cue ball and this makes Carly
Mucho sad.

We walked in and the woman who fits wigs took us to the back room. And
can I tell you ? I did not want to look like her. She had black hair.
Well, it was black on the top half and blonde on the bottom half. I
was not a fan of her lipstick either. Wrongity wrong color.

She left the room and I turned to my friend and said "seriously? Are
you punking me? Who is that girl?"

I need to not mock her any more because she was really great at her
job and helped me find something that looks very cute on me. It's
short and flippy with chunky highlights. My Facebook friends approve.

For laughs I tried on a very long, straight reddish wig. I sent a pic
to my daughter's phone and she sent back "I love you and all that jazz
but NO ". I sent it to my sister and she said
"that's ....interesting ...". Awesome.

I was frustrated because the woman who normally cuts my hair didn't
seem to understand that I wanted to be with my friend. I tried to talk
to her about ordering the one I had liked and she said it wasn't a
good line, people didn't like it, I should buy some scarves and so on.
I want hair!!! I don't want to be noticed at work by people I don't
know, with a scarf. I fucking want hair.

So my friend is going to help me order the wig, because I feel like I
need to do what makes ME happyhappy right now

I bought some stuff from For weekends and around the
house and so on. Soft little hats I can sew dragonfly iron-ons to..
And a denim hat, just something cute for Mia Porcha so I don't scare
my son, till he is used to the cue ball.

That's it, that's all... If you want to see the funny wig, you can
wade through my endless Twitters @Carlyq80 ...

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jen said...

I thought they were both rockin. Sorry your hair chick gave you grief.. you for sure need to make you happyhappy and the heck with anyone not on board with that choice!