Friday, February 26, 2010

Temporary home

(Carrie Underwood's song "temporary home" is stuck in my head...)

I like my job. I recently had a whiff of a possible opportunity to go
back to the place I used to work. I don't think I will pursue it,
because I was very unhappy there, and don't want to go through being
laid off all over again.

And I like my job. There are things I miss, like covered parking and
lunch at a big table of laughing friends. But I don't miss the angst
of a company where re- orgs are frequent. Or the shitty traffic on the
drive in.

Every week I am learning a new topic (I know how to drive a tractor
trailer now, y'all) and I am damn good at finding typos, formattig
errors, and sloppy programming. One of the project managers called me
"too good" the other day. (I found problems with something previously
tested. The developer wanted to know why we didn't find the problems
in the last round. I said "I just got here". She knew I was kidding
- Heh.)

The people I'm working with are very nice to me, and they're allowing
me to navigate my good days and bad days and appointments without a

And my J-fish is still alive and I still talk to him. :)

When I start to worry about whether the work is "hard enough" (which
goes to money) or about not having a cubicle of my own, or the fact
that I'm "just a temp" I remind myself that this is for now, and that
I can figure out later when later comes around.

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