Saturday, September 11, 2010

Love, not hate

When I saw this picture on my friend's blog I felt the familiar wistful sadness. It's 9/11...

But this image was before all of the terror and chaos, and the immediate aftermath of the towers falling - the deathly silence with nothing but chirping locator alarms of hundreds of firefighters, seen in the movie documentary of that day, filmed by two terrified French photographers/ brothers who started the morning with a completely different project. Before Rudy's press conference statement that 'we will take care of all of the children whose parents don't come home tonight' which finally brought me from silent shock to sobbing, in front of my children no less.

On the day of this photo, people went to work and went home. Home to lovers or elderly parents or loneliness, home to make plans for exciting vacations or to worry about paying the bills. To doctors, to have prenatal care or cancer treatments or root canals. To church, to bars, to schools to prepare for a future they didn't have.

Nine years ago, but it seems like a lifetime.

All because of hate. If only the people of this world would stop hating each other for who we are, what we believe, how we live and love, and what kind of god we do or don't believe in.

If only some of these so called religious people filling the news nowadays truly WERE religious and acted out of love, not hate, so many things could be different. But so many people learned nothing at all on 9/11.

Today, show love, not hate, in all that you do.

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Kitty said...


I do agree. It is a lovely photo, too. The buildings look utterly noble in the afternoon sun. Would I think this way if Sept. 11th had not happened, I wonder.

It is disturbing that something so awful happened on a typical, beautiful autumn day. And now 9 years later, the wound has not healed.

I think that's what's so disturbing to me, tuning into NY1 and hearing the names being spoken aloud, knowing that every year, this will happen. You're right that it seems many people didn't learn anything from that day. I hope a few have.