Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Not a ribbon

I thought this was pretty, so I ordered one...I saw it on Twitter. It's not so pink- ribbon -ish, but it will make people that are merely casual acquaintances nod and leave me alone about the whole pink for October thing. Ya know?

Lastly, I freeze a little too often at work and this might help. I love wrapping up in a big cute scarf. (Yes, I spent a few years at my last job sitting at my desk bundled up in scarfs and giant pashmina: shawls.)


Meoskop said...

I'm ok with you owning a scarf.


I am flipping out at the thought that Ny, which I have my Thoughts Upon anyway, has taken all the pink ribbon bullshit and turned into some kind of St Patrick's Day Of Catholic Beer Drinking Rorschach test for cancer concern.

I think I'd choke someone to death with that lovely scarf on the damn spot if I heard them challenge ANYONE about the wearing of the pink in October, boyo.

On the list of What's Wrong With America, that would slide pretty close to Sara Palin's quadrant.

Meoskop said...

(Hah! I'm so outraged at the thought that I can't spell Sarah.)

"I'm wearing a pound less on the left side of my body for cancer concern. Why do you have the f'ing ribbon? Is that all you're going to do? If you REALLY cared you'd chop a finger off or something. Hey, did you know there's a month for anal cancer? Let's talk about ways to show we care."

Carly said...

Well... Wow.
In the company where I work there are many women who have had bc so they had a team for the komen walk and they have yogurt lid collection containers and people have those "I paid $1 to write my name on this cutesy paper" things hanging on their doors and there are flyers for some hair place nearby that sells a pink clip in hair ext. But no one has actually demanded to inspect my pink-compliance yet.
It's more of a preemptive strike on my part to buy something pink that I think is genuinely cute. Because at the komen run I saw some merch that was embellished with glitter and things I don't even scrapbook with. I don't want people to see and buy... I want "oh she has a scarf" vaguely in their minds. ... in this area (near Albany) there are at least two more "breast cancer walks" in the next couple of weeks. We got a lot of bad ta-ta's around here. And a lot of glittery pink ribbon stuff.

Meoskop said...

As I said - I totally support you owning a cute scarf.

The way you worded it, I thought that people WERE demanding visual compliance, and I was like, you have GOT to be kidding me.

I feel the same way about St Patty's that you feel about Halloween. If we were moving to a pink version of that - I just - no.