Friday, May 20, 2011

Remember me?

This is what I've been up to... I have been spending about an hour each night photoshopping a collage/ scrapbook page using whatever picture of the baby my sister has sent to me that day. I bought a few kits from and it helped get me on the right track with templates and so on. Katie Pertiet kits are my favorite right now.

I'm getting a clue about brushes and layers and all sorts of things like that. Fun! Im not sure who made the monkey "sticker" but I love it. (edit... this is what happens when I post from my phone half asleep... the monkey is from a Katie Pertiet set of "stickers" called On a Branch, which has birds, squirrels, monkeys... and the paper is from her Naturally Krafty set, and I used her Make it Count templates for the general layout and star frame, which I recolored from gold to white. The ribbons are from Candid Collection, and did I mention has great sales every week?? well they do. )

Pretty soon I will be going on a road trip to go see my niece. Which means I have to pack, fire up the tomtom and find my easypass and... Oy.

Ps: not my baby, so I can't post any pictures of the cute little face... The internets are evil and all...

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