Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There are so many things I haven't told you... It's summer and my garden is growing (finally!! but I think something is still eating my sunflowers despite the elaborate fence I tried to make out of lattice. Whatever. That was one of those projects that make married life SO FUN. )

June was a flurry of graduation events for my son, and I was surprised to feel a little lost now that I'm mostly free of the volunteering I've been doing for the last 12 years. But then I remembered all the hobby stuff I have sitting unused.

I also had another round of checkups, because it's been six months and I was just starting to relax. So of course I got a call saying I needed a biopsy and had to try not to lose my shit about that. Everything finally came back fine yesterday, so I can stop crying at work (silent Droid who sits next to me will prob appreciate that).

Tamoxifen can lead to uterine cancer but this was "a precaution" - I wish they had told me that in the first phone call. I've got one eye on you now, uterus, and if you give me ANY shit I will yank you out without hesitation. Off the island. The tribe has spoken.

To celebrate not having cancer again, which would once again cost me about one year's salary, I got a shellac manicure since my nails still won't grow well... I'm hoping it helps but not thrilled that it cost half a year's salary. Tradeoffs.

Well a dragonfly is trying to attack me through the window (really!) so I need to get to work, where I hear the AC is broken. Oh yay.

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markhudson75 said...

Hi back! I hope you enjoy getting back into the hobbies. I've got an Airfix model of the HMS Bounty (bizarrely!) that I still haven't started building. I'm waiting for when Jake's old enough not to attempt eating the entire crew, then he can help.