Friday, November 04, 2011

Growing pains

My daughter has her first boyfriend, and all the angst and drama is killing me. Sobs and "but I haven't seeeeen him since ...." - I have tried explaining how far down that is on my list of priorities, but whatever.

To give you a hint as to how the rest of my day is going:

This morning I drove up to an ATM. Rolled my window down, put in my card.

I told the ATM that I want to conduct my business in ENGLISH PLEASE and it once again pretended to save those preferences. (every damn time... sigh...)

I got $60. Magic. Me likey. But I got my card back and still had a check to deposit.

Went to put the card in again and it slipped out of my fingers (no doubt from all the ATM cooties on them) and bounced... Under. My. Car.

By this point of course there was someone behind me. Waiting. Watching.

I pulled forward and by some miracle he didn't... Got my stupid card and stood there, trying to deposit. The atm spit an envelope out (the last time I was there, THAT shot out so hard it fell under my car. I'm clearly not smart enough for this whole process.)

I then found out that it helps if you DON'T hit "continue" before typing any dollar amount for your deposit, by the way. Transaction denied! Got my card back.

So I had to put the card in AGAIN, the ATM shot out ANOTHER envelope (which I struggled to put in the old envelope bin-- by that point I wanted to tear it to pieces and throw them up in the air all over myself like lunatic confetti, just for the benefit of the poor bastard waiting for me to finish).

Finally I got my tax refund check deposited. Yes, you read that right. Just. Don't. Ask.

If you need me I'll be hiding behind Seuss for the rest of the day.

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