Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For my cool children and nieces and nephews (two of each plus one more in the oven!)

For every day I get to put my feet on the floor and stumble off to work at a fun/easy job where people like me. :)

For my new camera which I'm going to really fire up this week - turkeys! And this weekend - holiday parade !! 6400 ISO !!! Yeeeehah!!!

For a somewhat unexpected infusion of cash that lets me pay off some of my "cancer debt"!!!!!

And so much more.


Nick Ward said...

Hi Carly,

Big, huge congratulations and hugs from 'this side of the pond'!

...Dead envious of your new camera, though! (mutter, mutter...want one...)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a nice reminder of the day. Lots to be thankful for. Like not having to go anywhere near a store on black friday.