Thursday, July 05, 2012

Things of Random-ness

1. My sister was here for a few days. Nothing else really mattered to me. You can see the cutest nieces ever, in my instagram feed. (Or if you are my Facebook friend, but for some strange reasons most of my FB people don't know this blog exists. )

2. We had lobster. And yes I am afraid of those effers when they thrash their tails before you DROP THEM IN BOILING WATER. TAKE THAT. Except after the first one I did, I made my sister throw them in. We also made some really great cake magic together. It was her 40th birthday (so yes I am almost 47, and I really need to change this blog title...)

3. My fridge died today. Because it knows I bought a new dishwasher last week and maybe spent too much and I had fun with all that on the twitter with poly (and her brother, right?)

4. I have recently found something really good to bond with my own brother about. He is great at analyzing a book... We both read the Hunger Games and I found a book called the Girl Who Was On Fire (essays about HG) which we have been discussing.

5. If you are on Instagram look me up.(Carlyq80) but for pete's sake if you use the blur, do it right. It should usually be a band all of the way across your photo, horizontally, because a REAL lens would be focused at a certain distance from the camera... stuff closer or farther away might blur based on the aperture setting. Learn photography basics, people.

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