Sunday, July 08, 2012

I'm the lucky one

My dear Stanley, the organist at my church, had a very good day last Monday.  He bought a scratch off Lottery ticket, and he won a little sum of money, so when he was in another store he used his winnings and bought a more expensive scratch off ticket. And saw those magic words:  LIFE   LIFE  LIFE.  He won a ridiculous amount of money.

When I first heard through a text message yesterday morning, I must admit I cried big, selfish tears.  I don't care about the money. All I want is for him to keep playing up there in the loft, because there is something magical up there for me when he is on that organ bench.  I don't want the money to take him away from us.

Then yesterday afternoon, while I was working at our Steamboat festival on the canal, he walked up to me, with a giant grin. Honestly.  EAR TO EAR.  I just couldn't help but beam back at him.  "Are your ears burning today?" I asked him, laughing while a spoke.  I watched the "does she know" flicker across his face, and his eyes narrowed slightly as he asked me "Why?"  My smirk and "Everyone's talking about you" was my reply.  He told me the story and said that he will be on tv in a few days (which I know he hates... he doesn't even like to turn around when the priest has the congregation applaud for us at the end of every season. Stanley has a sign in the choir loft  - Soli Deo Gloria - to God alone the Glory - and it fits him to a T.)  He won't be a splashy, drive a convertible around town, sort of guy. The money will be used to help his nieces and nephews raise their children. 

I finally plucked up the nerve to say, "You're not going to quit, are you? I'll miss you... it won't be the same without you."  He shrugged that off very matter of factly - oh no, I'll keep playing.  I wanted to jump up on the folding table and dance.

The funniest moment came then, when I asked if he wanted a burger or hot dog, and he said "I don't know if I have any money with me."    I love him.

(I really don't want his money.  if you see only "lottery" in this story, you cynical chap, just go through some of these:  (the essence of my relationship with him)  (a classic Stanley moment) (silly) (  Stanley's shoes part 2)  (  Stanley's shoes part 1) (this links to a video where he was interviewed about a friend of ours who was killed) (oops)


Trish said...

Treat him like the human that he is, that's what he wants and what you've done.

The problem for most folks is, we play the lottery and have dreams. When someone else wins, those dreams are dashed and thus, anger ensues against the winner.

Am glad that the lottery won't change how you and Stanley are together. Surely, a measure of good humans!

katsmeow said...

It always warms my heart to hear about people who have potentially life altering events that are able to maintain who they are at the core.