Thursday, April 07, 2011


This is another shot with the Instagram app. It's the open sunroof of my car...glorious. Like sweet sticky candy. I kind of was going for an "am I on an airplane?" feel so hopefully I achieved that.

Today was a beautiful day weather-wise, but not so much for some people I love.

My beloved Stanley, the organist for my church choir, is in the hospital. I am hoping he gets out soon... But he is 83 and smokes and had the flu and had breathing problems....I can't even bear the thought of singing up there if he's gone.

But its not all about mememe... (but hey, it's my blog, so just give me a break, ok?)

Ps: my girl, Liz- I am pulling for you to see blue skies again soon. You kicked ass once and I know you can again.

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markhudson75 said...

Great picture! The first thing I thought was that you must have been on a plane recently, so you definitely achieved the right effect.