Tuesday, April 05, 2011


So, last year while I was sick I developed a habit of buying camera apps. (And using them: I have over 1500 photos. Hmm. ) This is not meant to show off or to brag; it is merely to illustrate my problem of "collecting" too much of a good thing and my love of photos. It was a tiny way to pamper myself on days that chemo kept me on my sofa. I can take a photo and tweak it endlessly with these apps. Color effects, aging, frames, adding blur or taking away color: So much fun. And yet... Now I have so many that I don't really use some of them very often. Then I forget how they work and which ones will barf if I try to put the photo on Facebook.

Stupid iPhone, I also can't have them all on one tab unless I nest them in sets. I hate that. (Shhhhhhh. Don't tell my phone I called it stupid... Why can't we scroll down on a page though, seriously???)

If I really wanted to do some spring cleaning I'd drop the lower set (but wait, this photo is *made* with strip design, so that won't do... And sometimes you really DO want to take most of the color out of a photo or send a vacation snapshot as an epostcard)

The middle row on the top I might be able to part with..in a dire emergency. But tiltshifting photos (blurring out most of photo in square or round shape ) is pretty darn fun.

This is the train of thought I rode tonight thanks to tooooo much caffeine. My one good idea is to force myself to rotate and use a new one on my home screen each week, to take a minimum of three pictures a day and really see what the app can do.... yeah... Let's see how long that idea lasts.

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