Monday, April 25, 2011

On course

Today was a good day for getting back on track... The busiest singing week of the year is over. It was quiet at work because the two guys who cause drama weren't around. I ate pretty well (I switched back to taking Tamoxifen at night a week or two ago because it made me SO HUNGRY. Wtf. ) An to top it off I went for a run after work in a light rain. I can't explain why I love to run with the rain misting on my face, but I do. It felt so good to run without measuring minutes (a la couch to 5 k, if you've ever done that)

A little confession... Yes the car was moving when I took this picture. You can't really tell, but I was rolling over to 50000. (hmmm, have to change the name of the blog?) But anyway,
I was driving w one hand and resting my iPhone on the steering wheel with the other. Don't arrest me.

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emmay said...

Running in the rain is my favorite!
Want to meet for a run some Saturday morning??