Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring rushes in

Spring came about as suddenly as winter crashed down. I am always scrambling right around Easter - I have a ton of extra singing to do. I had rehearsal last night and I will see all of them again Saturday, Sunday (twice- mass and our Tenebrae), Tuesday, Thursday, good Friday, Easter vigil, and then on Easter Sunday. Yeahhhhhh.

I'm a little worried about keeping that schedule, I still get tired more easily than I would like. Also, sometime during mass on Easter Sunday my voice will crack and I'll be done. I will go home and snore silently on the couch while my son makes pancakes for me and that will be my big "Easter brunch".

I also have a whole pocketful of people to worry about, in one way or another. So the bright colors and buds popping up everywhere are doing their best to shake me out of my distracted clouds; I am doing my best to stop and take them all in.

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