Saturday, July 14, 2012

Knickerbocker 200th anniversary parade - Waterford

Firetruck 00001Firetruck 00002Firetruck 002aFiretruck 007aFiretruck 015a copyFiretruck 021a
Firetruck 023aFiretruck 026aFiretruck 028aFiretruck 029aFiretruck 031aFiretruck 039a
Firetruck 041aFiretruck 047aFiretruck 055aFiretruck 060aFiretruck 075aFiretruck 089a
Firetruck 097aFiretruck 099aFiretruck 116aFiretruck 117aFiretruck 124aFiretruck 128a

Today I abandoned a long scribbled list of things I was going to do around the house, grabbed my camera, and shot about 250 photos of firetrucks. And firemen. And Ladies Auxiliary members. And a few dozen very overheated kids in marching bands.

The fire company hosting the parade has been in existence for 200 years. It was a nice parade, but the blazing sunshine was killing me. I was trying to hide under someone's little popup halftent and dodge two idiot guys who kept getting COMPLETELY in my way. I'd move up or down the street a little way (I was right near the reviewing stand, and everyone saluted as they approached, so that was cool). Every time I moved, eventually they moved again and were RIGHT. In. Front. Of. MEEEEE. Grrr. Stupid boys.

At any rate, I put about 45 photos up on Flickr so please click on the linked images and take a look - there are a few very old firetrucks that are lovingly cared for and taken out for occasions like today. Gorgeous.

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