Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Stars and Stripes forever

So, this weekend Stanley dusted off John Phillip Sousa / Stars and Stripes and played it after mass.

I was up there with my son (we sang God Bless America during communion) and stayed to hear Stanley play S&S. I want to remember him doing songs like this, because I am afraid each time could be the last (the last 4th of July, the last Christmas eve, etc. He's been our organist for 50 years. I don't mean to push him in a wheelchair to the old folks home or anything but you just never know. Life is short.)

He finished up and Dan and I were clapping with Betty, who said 'That's my favorite song'. He snorted and replied "Oh, I hate that song. Put it away for another year."

I heart Stanley.


Ruben said...

Now this is a good post full of imagery.

Carly said...

thanks Ruben! and thanks for visiting!