Friday, November 06, 2009

Ding dong

Today my son got out of school at 12...came home on the bus, and we went out briefly for subs.

My daughter has me hooked on the original CSI (the one that's set in vegas). Luckily for me she has obtained seasons 1-4 already. So I watch them while I eat lunch. *

The doorbell rang and when I opened the door I found two girls from D's class, all laughter and smiles. With a trumpet. D's trumpet.

He was sitting with the one girl - did I mention they are twin sisters? The trumpet was with the other sister, and he wandered off the bus without it...

They called, while we were out at the sub shop. The first of many smiling females to leave messages on my phone for D....

* breakfast... Snacks.... Whatever.
Carly(via Blackberry)

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