Monday, November 23, 2009

Quick notes after the music awards last night

Dear Rihanna,
was that a laser cut lace doily you somehow made into a dress?

And how does one actually make venetian blinds into an outfit? Aren't there a lot of sharp edges to worry about?

Dear Janet,
I couldn't decide if you were Peter Pan or a Pirate, but then I decided you already had a treasure chest.

Dear Green Day,
is Tre Cool thinking "I can almost see his belly button?" Because I am.

Dear J-Lo,
Don't... not ever again....

PS: Dear Blogger,
when the EFF will you fix picture uploading for those of us who still use windows IE? I am sooo tired of having to switch over to Safari. Because it reminds me that I *WANT* a mac and can't afford one right now....



Anonymous said...

Does J-lo look like oddly like a penis, or is it just me?

(Hm. open id is mad at me) -p

onescrappychick said...

Download Firefox... IE sucks