Thursday, September 08, 2011

A beautiful day

Today was a very good day.

I got some wonderful news. Some of it I can't share with you yet, but some I can. (My surgeon says I appear to be doing very well, no signs of any problems at all, and she pointed out that I am really almost at the TWO year mark of being a survivor, since my diagnosis was in December 2009. Heck, I really love that woman. ) I saw a woman at the doctor's office and overheard enough to know that her surgery is tomorrow, and she is batshit scared. I wanted to hug her and say "You have the most wonderful surgeon around these parts... can do this." but there are hippa laws, and people don't always take kindly to strange women barging up and hugging them. So for now I am keeping my efforts contained to friends, and friends of friends, who I find myself (happily) sharing my story with more and more often.

The sun came out...we are having more horrible flooding in upstate NY but if the SUN STAYS WITH US maybe the floods will end soon.

I treated myself to a visit to Starbucks, and that made me very happy ;-)

And speaking of visits... I am going to see the most adorable baby ever, very soon, not once but TWICE this fall. I am craving those baby giggles and endless games of peekaboo.

To see a few of my other Cape Cod / Nantucket photos, please go to Flickr.

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onescrappychick said...

that sounds like a wonderful day.. :)