Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday I entered this image in the Flickr pool for a Pioneer Woman assignment. I love her blog, and her limited run show on the Food Network. (Blink and you'll miss it - only one or two episodes remain.)

My image wasn't exactly on target with Ree's assignment. She gave us the original photo of Charlie and asked us to edit creatively - but her instructions allude to photoshop, and I used iPhone apps. 

I still had fun, and I like the variations I did, but I am bummed that I probably won't be one of the submitted photos she features on her blog over the next day or two. Still, almost 200 people have taken a closer look on Flickr. So we will call that a win? Or a draw. 

(And yes, I know flicker is about 100,000 years old in Internet years and I do have an instagram account, but the assignment was to put it on Flickr. And I know that Ree gets many, many photos added to her assignments pool.  It's ok. )

So. This evening I exchanged comments over twitter with a local news anchor. We have discussed Dancing with the Stars more than once, and tonight she asked if I was interested in doing a guest column one week for her blog, recapping the show. Hell yeah! I am looking forward to that. 

Of course, it means I might have to link my "real me" name with my CarlyQ80 id, which was really more of an old joke that only a few of my friends understand. 

Once upon a time I picked the name of a soap opera character I liked, (Carly quartermaine on GH as originated by the amazing Sarah Brown) and threw on 80 to make a unique id, and I've used it for about 15 years now for various message boards like Fans of reality TV and things like Flickr and instagram. 

Hmmm. Maybe I should tell my husband I've been blogging since 2005? Yikes. Maybe we just won't mention this blog to the world in the DWTS piece.  Shhh. Our little secret. 

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Trish said...

lol...telling the spouse you have a blog...oops! ;-)

then again, my Twitter name is nothing like mine, but those who know me know it fits.

have at it and have fun and see where the unveiling of your real self goes!