Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday evening

During the school year I find that Sunday evening is the most stressful.

All of the things I wanted to organize and clear out, the projects I wanted to start, the "I brought home work too and still need to do it" and grocery and laundry and aaaaagh. On top of that the things the kids need for school like lunch money and forms and so on.

September is also hard because we have TWO birthdays to celebrate. Only one day apart. I'm torn between feeling badly that I might not have done enough for the kids, and being sad that they just want a few friends over for pizza and a bonfire anyway. No more theme cakes and bounce houses or even printed invitations.

But I am thankful that we were spared by Irene. I heard from two friends this weekend and it makes the chores a little less onerous when you think about living with a friend for a month now because you had five feet of water in your house, or waiting STILL for the insurance company to give you money when you are basically homeless.

People don't mean to ignore you, I told my friend. They may not realize what you're going through and how completely your life has been turned upside down.

Tonight while I try to sort this all out in my brain, I am sitting on my porch listening to my fountain and working until MY homework gets done.

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