Sunday, September 18, 2011

The weekend is over already?


all in all it was not a bad weekend. But I'm feeling stressed out in a way that I can only describe as "this is how I felt when I used to work at that bank."

I was supposed to work from home on Friday. I brought the work home, and a laptop. And didn't do the work. (There was a thing with the kitchen sink, and a plumber, and the day just got less productive from there... and then the whole weekend did... and then there was a football game... and a wedding... See me, right now, still not doing the work? See me editing this post four times? I'm stopping now. )

There were a hundred little things that I *DID* do this weekend....

  • navigate tense family conversations - always fun. Enough said.
  • try to plan part of an upcoming trip and then almost immediately change the hotel reservations, which took TWO phonecalls, not just one... (Dear Marriott, you suck, your call center in India SUCKS, and I bring lots of baggage to that one - see what I did there? - so I will stop now. )
  • go to a very unusual wedding, and the upside of that one was lots of hugs from long lost cousins and some GREAT STORIES. (Do you read my twitter feed?)
  • drive my daughter to Timbuktu to her boyfriend's dad's house (where his Italian grandmother flipped me off and swore at me in Italian and then said "Bye." Ciao to you too, ya old bat)
  • type the lunch form, ask myself why I agreed to do it one more year,
  • get my own groceries / wander around a store I don't usually go to and take twice as long to find everything
  • get stuff to decorate cupcakes this weekend
  • mop the skeeeevy bathroom floors, do some laundry,
  • plan a double birthday party, worry about my son's best friend with peanut allergies because the decorations I bought are not "allergy OK"...
  • drive by my beautiful friend ... I always manage to see her running when I am feeling worst about my lack of exercising...
  • are you tired yet? I am. Did I mention how crappy I slept last night? Oh. Clearly, I can't drink two glasses of wine in one evening anymore. It's just bad for me. So why do I keep doing it? Spent a lot of time on this one, with That Voice in my head being very mean.
I am being very hard on myself tonight, on many fronts hinted at above, and also feeling very discouraged because my mother is rattling on how her fall cleaning is almost done, and I'm barely treading water on that front. Icky. Icky bad messy house.

The wonderful Jen of Epbot / Cake Wrecks blogs posted the picture above, and what she wrote made me feel so much better. I'm here. I'm not "really" sick anymore, just not in great shape. But I'm here. I need a hug though.


Meoskop said...

Dude, your mother is cleaning up after less people, against a larger tide, with less interest in meeting any needs but her own. also, working from home is for suckers. Here, have a cookie, I made them for you.

Chico said...

Thanks for the cookie... Yay, it's Monday morning. Sigh...

Chico said...

And why am I chico again? Sigh.

onescrappychick said...

I spent the entire weekend on the couch sick.. you got FAR more done than I did. ((hugs for you))

markhudson75 said...

You get a hug from me, Carly, if only for adding the word skeevy to my vocabulary. Love it! It sounds a bit like schifo, which is Italian for gross or disgusting, a bit like the old hag who flipped you off, perhaps.