Monday, February 07, 2011

Fun and games

So I saw a game somewhere, either in Rachel Ray's magazine or in spam (wait, same thing) and it was a sort of super bowl commercial bingo.

Couldn't find it later when I wanted it so I made up my own. A hit for the kids- glued to commercial (candy bar then points for commercial with the elements combining in your square...most points at end of game got an iTunes gift card. ... It was a shoe in for kid w movie/ famous actor - that was dumb of me. But luck for him, since they didnt see the categories while writing their names thanks to two whole sheets of paper. And cats? WTF was I thinking? I wrote down some of the categories I missed or that sucked, to improve it next year (I had sized it based on how many kids were coming and this isn't the final version... I took electronics out and that was bad...)

Lastly, a few comments. No cheerleaders, and two teenage boys at mi casa. Hahahaha especially no DALLAS cheerleaders. Kind of a shame really.

Black eyed peas- love /hate (I like their older stuff better)but why does NFL always totally suck their sound quality for game show? Geeez really.

Xtina is an alto and that glee chick I can't stand is clearly a soprano. Get over your ego and trade songs. It would have been so much better.

We skyped most of the game with my cousins in Tennessee and it was so awesome because the boys (mine, hers) had a giant bet and they are merciless gloaters.

Ugh. I'm parched and I gotta go to work. (hey, I got a raise! They like me!!! Yahoo!)

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