Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is almost what it looks like when you are about to be walked out onto a basketball court and cheered.

You might tear up a little because you have been looking forward to this night for quite some time.

At a reception before the game you get interviewed by tv reporters and try to articulate how it feels to be there. The producer with the mike is smiling at you and saying "it's ok, you can do it" when your mind goes blank and you have to start over... (And your mind goes blank again when you see one of your favorite nurses from radiation and you can't remember her name but she understands, and assures you that it can take a year or so for some people to stop having trouble remembering names...)

The coach is making her way around the reception and she gives you a big hug and talks about the inspiration the team draws from this event and these women being recognized as survivors... and you think "Wait... Me?"

Suddenly the game is about to start. The stands are filling up despite the heavy snow that is still coming down. You are dancing to the band because they are awesome and waving to your family in the crowd. Suddenly it's your turn to be announced and a tall, beautiful young athlete leans down to hug you and says "congratulations!" and then escorts you through the arch of waving pom poms. The crowd is applauding and you are crying happy tears as you high five your way down the line of players and coaches stretched across the court.