Tuesday, February 08, 2011

On your mark

Made with FX Photo Studio

These are markers used for mammograms done post-surgery. They are placed on scars, and then the fun begins. I knew it would hurt to have my girls crushed between two acrylic plates...because my scars still ACHE some days.

I was doing ok with the pending appointment until last night when I started bitching at EVERYONE around me for laundry sins and other meaningless stuff. I was scared. 

Scared to go back to the place where I went 13 months ago for what I thought was a routine repeat mammogram. Scared of finding myself at square one again in a very unpleasant game. 

I called a friend on the way to the appointment. My too- far- away friend was there for me to call (sobbing) after every test I had in December '09 and was there again to listen today while I babbled about various nothings and got myself from point A to B. I couldn't do days like today without my friends. 

Another friend met me for lunch and then sat in the waiting room while I had my 'photo shoot'....

The technician was as gentle as possible. But eff me, it really hurt. She had to do at least five angles on each side and each one hurt so much... But just for a few seconds. The crush was all I could think about...   The instruction 'stop breathing' was almost unnecessary.  But the mote you compress, the better the images.

She asked the radiologist to review my pictures before I left, per normal procedures, and hugged me after telling me they looked good. 

In six months I get to do it all again. Um, yay?


Alex said...

The picture is not showing for some reason:(((((((

Carly said...

Yes, google reader is wonky today - it's the same photo as in the elegantly titled "durn" post. Which started out as "ah, dammit"......

Carly said...

Oh hai, I just notice who you are... Click on Alex's link everyone, for one of my favorite iPhone apps (right up there with angry birds!)