Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For love

I went to get my hair cut tonight. Damn, it makes me happy just to say that.

There was a little girl sitting in the chair next to me, her wet hair in a braid. She was there to donate her hair to Locks for Love, but a major attack of nerves had set in.

Her hairdresser is a pal of mine, so I kind of whispered "can I talk to her?" and pulled out my iPhone. I still have a bunch of the photos I took last summer on it.

I pulled up the picture of me VERY bald wearing my "the chemo made me do it" tshirt and talked to her just for a minute about how a little girl would feel to be sick and bald. (I think I used the word sucks... I'm so sorry, Her-mom)

She got it together long enough to say yes, and Suzy chopped quickly and then it was done. We cheered for her. She looked at me, and said "thank you for encouraging me". Melt!

I found out later that she is seven years old


emmay said...

Awwww...I love it!
Amelia decided around November that shew as going to grow out her hair for Locks of Love. The hairdresser thinks it will be ready over the summer, but I'm kinda skeptical. Anyway, wanna come with us when she gets it chopped??!

Chico said...

I would love to! And heyyyy the end of my post vanished. I went about what a great kid she is going to be. Just like your daughter. :)