Monday, February 21, 2011

Wuhu my arse

Twice now I have gotten lost on this island, and a planned half hour bike ride becomes an hour.

Dear Wii developers, the tiny circle of map you show me sucks. I need a better idea of which way to go. Like to be able to see THIS type of map and where I am and which way I'm headed. A guided course would be less frustrating, and a nice alternative to the "hunt the flags" game.

The funniest part is if you throw yourself off a cliff or into water in despair, you instantly get placed back by the last flag you achieved. It might be halfway back around that damn volcano...but there you'll be, with your son snickering and your daughter saying "are you DONE yet?"

Then, even having your glasses off, you won't be able still to make believe you really ARE on that island.

1 comment:

Trish said...

wii can kiss my arse too.

step on the fit board and it groans?!?! wth? that's supposed to be a motivator to return and keep working out?!?! not.

or the commentary of "looks like you're a bit unsteady, you need more work". wth? that motivates me? no!

tho, children lol'ing at you doesn't help either. ;-)

just makes you want to pull over/step off and grab a margarita...not that I'd ever do that...;-)