Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Margarita Fudge

Last night I was mulling over what to make APB as a gift for his birthday. I am sure he has a sweet tooth, because of our Cheesecake Tuesday habit. I also know he wanted to try a margarita cheesecake recipe he came across. (Technically... he mailed it to ME, so I conclude he wanted ME to try it and give him some or all of said cheesecake. Hah. )

So I came up with the idea of Margarita Fudge. (Not chocolate fudge. What I had in mind was a "white chocolate" base, with the lemon and lime flavors.) I used Google to search for a recipe... with no luck. Is the idea that bad? I didn't think so. I found a white chocolate fudge recipe to base my experiments on.

This morning I was trying to figure out when the liquor store opened so I could get some tequila. A good friend I happened to be chatting on the phone with said "Carly... maybe you don't want to be at the liquor store WHEN IT OPENS, looking for tequila." Point taken.

The same friend recommended using margarita mixer, like the ones you can find in a grocery store. I found a powdered version, called Mixer Stix. Bingo! I was worried about adding too much liquid and this seemed like a good option.

So I made batch one today, and it was somewhat of a success. I put in some lemon and lime zest, and sprinkled some kosher salt on the top of the fudge. As AB said "the taste of the salt comes and goes while you eat the fudge" which is what I was hoping for - the effect similar to how the salty taste of a margarita varies depending on which spot on your glass you drink from... Mmmmm.

I will attempt batch two when I get mini bottles of tequila and triple sec.

At last, now I will make my million$. Who am I kidding? I need to buy a Lotto ticket.


allpointsbulletin said...

I neither confirm nor deny the cheesecake recipe accusation. ;-) But I will confirm the Margarita Fudge was "Ooh It's So Good!!"

If we can get Oprah to like it on her show (with or without tequila) the millions will drop from the sky. LOL

Jeanette Daughhetee said...

BMI've been trying to find a recipe for Tequila Fudge. That Margarita Fudge sounds good. I want the recipe!

Jeanette Daughhetee said...

I've been looking for 2 fudge recipes. Anyone out there have them, and be willing to share?
Tequila Fudge

Velveeta Fudge

Jeanette Daughhetee said...

Does anyone out there have any GOOD diabetic Candy recipes that you are willing to share? No I am not diabetic. These are for another lady.
Thanks for sharing.