Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Get on the bus

Well I dragged my daughter out of the house sobbing and screaming and pushed her onto the bus this morning.

Ok, I'm kidding. I told her to quit being a wuss and get on the damn bus.

You know I didn't mean that either, right?

But she did cry a little bit in the house this morning. And yesterday. And the other day. It's been a big day looming over her.

It's hard to go from a class of fewer than 15 kids in your entire grade to 100+. So we joked about sending her to school with a little one-shot bottle of rum, just to make a good first impression and all.

Yesterday, to distract her, we went to Sephora. My plan was twofold... A sharpener and some eye makeup. I bought some sephora lip liner down in Pitt, and I love the color, but for the life of me, I can't get a sharpener that will fit it because it's an odd size, a bit wider in diameter than a standard slim pencil but not as wide as a "bigger" standard. It's making me crazy. So that part of the mission was a "fail" and I have a very cranky email waiting for someone at Sephora's customer support team today. (Sorry, but geez. Wtf. ). I am going to use my son's jacknife to sharpen it, so help me.

I also wanted her to have a little bit of makeup in the right colors so that she can wear it if she wants. The consultant in the store who helped us did give us some good colors but her own eyes were REALLY "dramatic" so
I got nervous. Luckily my daughter has not gotten on the bandwagon of Pushing Mom's Buttons yet so she did a very subtle application this morning.

Pray that she can open her locker at least once today. That will be one of the big hurdles for her that no IEP can help her work around. Riiiiiiiight, lefffffffffft, right, good luck. Oy. I told her to just give her combination to someone cute and not leave anything valuable in the locker. Does that make me a bad mother??

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emmay said...

OMG I'm so nervous for her! I hope she has a great day!