Tuesday, September 01, 2009


While I am trying to distract myself from anxiety attacks about my job(!) interview (!)because :::whispers::: I haven't had a job interview in 22 years holy crap....

I am mulling over birthday cakes.

Specifically this weekend we are having a party for my two kids and the grandparents, and a couple of Aunts and Uncles. So I will be making some sort of 2 mix rectangle cake for them.

I am torn between making ....

  • a tv screen (kind of a lot of black though...) with the logo for CSI on it .... a show which my daughter got hooked on, after Taylor Swift was a special guest, and she (my daughter, not TS, but who knows really? maybe her too) has been watching marathons whenever possible all summer long.
  • a laundry basket, full of rumpled dirty fondant clothing, overflowing actually, with a sign saying "remember me? I'm your chores" (that's kinda mean, huh?)
  • a cake that depicts the endless rain we have had this summer, with something like "sorrrrrry" and about 100 fondant beeeeeees. We have lots of beeeeeeees. Technically a farmer told me they are wasps. But they are yellow and black and look mean and they are very persistent. It is a plague around here.
  • some sort of map representing our road trip... and "thanks for being good sports while Mom dragged you 1500 miles so she wouldn't dwell on unemployment." Maybe that should have a faux pitcher of lemonade on it, don't you think? Or a starbucks cup, and portable dvd player, for sure, because that's how we all survived that trip
  • the good old Yankees logo... a little easy but they are both fans... I could actually do stacked hexagon tiers to spruce it up a little.... this one might be fun and actually viable for me, since I don't have Duff's staff... (google Ace of Cakes if you don't know who Duff is....)
  • an image of the Wii Fit screen, (with Mr. C's Mii as well as mine sleeping, my daughter's doing yoga, and D's doing some snowboarding or that annoying soccer game where the shoes keep whacking me in the head.... )

Suggestions? votes?


onescrappychick said...

oh my word.. go with the Wii Fit screen.. that soccer game makes me laugh so hard...

Anonymous said...

#4 - road trip. Maybe "copilot" in car window or Pitt food place