Monday, September 21, 2009

Closing up for the season

With a sniffle I read a passing remark about the Emmys being the last awards show of the season. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting watching the various celebs on the red carpet and picking out my favorite gowns.

I'll give you my top five choices...

#2 Kristin Chenoweth's dress was beautiful but either she scraped off a bunch of the sequins or they were left off under her arms for comfort (that stuff gets scratchy, I have been to a number of black tie dinners in my day...). It ruined the almost perfect look, if you ask me.

#3 Sandra Oh - loved her metallic dress and especially the shoes.... a splash of color

#4 Jennifer Love Hewitt - for some reason I really liked the flowing yellow dress

# 5 Carrie Ann Inaba - I only saw the top half of her dress, but it looked like her hair and makeup and accessories were well put together (If it was a mermaid dress, I retract any and all compliments)

BUT ANGELA KINSEY! Oh my!!! #1 !!!You will never see her look like this on an episode of The Office.

Fabulous. Winner. Hands down.

I adore Seal, but the combination of Heidi Klum's baby bump with her mermaid dress was just WRONG in so many ways. (On a related note: Tina Fey, please lose the black dress mama, you're gorgeous. )

Blake Lively's boops looked great, but it wasn't the dress, which was unexciting even though it was red. It was her being young and perky, and... why do I suddenly have a headache? I will Knot comment on Leighton's dress. Ugh. They should find out who Hayden Panettiere uses. Really.

Raspberries for people I thought could do much better ... Kardashian (pick one) , Padma, ... Christina Applegate and Sarah Silverman who were drowned by their dresses... I need to go work out now. Adios!

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