Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Almost halfway to the finish line

More spin art fun. Brought to you by the restlessness of steroids. I
have round 2 of 4 of my chemo today. Just want to Git 'er done!

Dr. promised me the bone pain should not be as bad this time. So
that's cool. I'd really like to make it to choir Saturday night
(Easter Vigil mass I have a solo if I get there) or at least on Sunday.

If everything flows about like it did or a little bit better with the
behaviour mods I plan to make, I will be so happy. Knock on wood!

My friend is bringing me today, and we will be reading books by our
favorite bloggers, like Cake Wrecks and Bent Objects. When I'm not
sleeping off Benadryl, that is.... at some point my eyelids will be
too heavy and I will conk out. I wonder if I will snore... Because
that would be so classy.

1 comment:

onescrappychick said...

Half way baby... you can do it!