Tuesday, March 09, 2010

First down

So, I managed to get through chemo this morning with no problems. I am
feeling ok, just a headache. To be fair, they did give me a few things
to hold off side effects so I may go a little downhill from here but
it's not bad right now.

This is an accidental click of the blanket... I took a nice nap when
the benadryl kicked in


Trish said...


become friends with the blankie. it is your friend.

my "first days" of chemo saw me have a headache that migraine meds wouldn't even come close to touching. Second days I had projectile vomiting...and so it went each round.

I did have an LOL moment---the doc had ordered 2 benadryl for me...the nurses INSISTED I take both. 1/4 of one pill usually allows me to sleep all night nicely. I was so asleep they couldn't wake me...they were worried the chemo had killed me on day one. After that, they amped back on it, or took me off it.

good luck with the rest of the days...keep on trucking

Nick Ward said...


It may seem like 'dark days' at the moment, but it will get better.


As regards your hair: My mum went through chemo, and was worried that it wouldn't grow back.

Well, it did! Her hairdresser was amazed at how thick and luxurious it had become -like it had somehow 'appreciated the break'!

I know you don't believe me, but just you wait and see!

Anyway, thinking of you and wishing you well from 'this side of the pond'.

All the best,