Thursday, March 04, 2010


They cleaned the tank at work and scrubbed off whatever was growing on
the walls. J-fish looks happier and perky.

The fountain in the lobby got filled. It turned green (from pennies
thrown in???). They turned it off. Then they added PLENTY of chlorine.
The pennies are still there. I am sure someone said "I wish this damn
fountain would just work " while they threw in a coin.

Chemo starts next week. My son is scared. I am pretending some other
girl is going to do it. That's better than the other day when I was
driving to work and called my friend sobbing. I love my friends. Some
cook for me. Some drive me places. Others just listen when I need
them. All are wonderful.

Suzy is going to visit soon. Yaaaaay.

This weekend we go to the big benefit dinner with tons of chocolate.
Yawn. But there will be champagne! I'll be saying goodbye to all
things like wine for a while. But not to this blog (hopefully) - I
will plan to keep posting.

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Anonymous said...

Disassociation is undervalued as a life skill, I always say.