Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday art

Played with my colored pencils tonight while we watched basketball,
basketball, basketball... these are actually little tiny squares of
watercolor paper that I picked up. So it's about 2x3", which is why
some of the coloring is heavy handed.

This is for my friend, Ethel. We were in elementary school together,
and somewhere along the line she moved to Atlanta.

Around a year ago I joined Facebook. I started connecting with friends
I worked with 20 years ago, and of course high school classmates.

Ethel and I got back in touch around October or so. We were diagnosed
at almost the same time. Funny, but not.

Every day Ethel writes words of Praise in her FB status and she has
been unwavering. So I think she will like the painting since Easter is
coming up soon.

We write back and forth at all hours of the day while we recover from
surgery, go in and out of the ER, and try to deal with chemo. She has
already shaved her hair; I'm not quite there yet.

I'm quite fortunate to have Ethel, Poly, Carol, and my neighbor Linda
to help me navigate all of this. I can only hope that I can be half as
reassuring when it's my turn.

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onescrappychick said...

beautiful... nice job. :)